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Post 115125       April 18 '15 at 05:15 AM
By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:

I'll be honest, I've always wanted to say that in relation to, something, so I may as well say it now that the new teaser for Boruto -Naruto the Movie- is out. But it's not just Marty Naruto's kid that's the problem: Sasuke's kid, Sarada, is prominently featured as the next-generation rival.

Kishimoto only knows what the plan is for the new ninja generation, beyond the fact that Naruto is officially more a brand than a name at this point. Which leads me to wonder just how long every future movie, manga, or TV show set in this world will have to be subtitled "Naruto the [Media Format]" to remind the masses that the ninja thing is Still A Thing.

The movie opens on August 7th, with Yuko Sanpei (aka Qwaser of the Stigmata's Sasha) cast to play Boruto and Kokoro Kikuchi (aka Heartcatch Precure's Potpourri) cast to play Sarada.

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Post 115135       April 18 '15 at 12:45 PM
I'm okay with this being the continuation of Naruto.

But they need to end the fucking anime series already. They're dragging it on too long.