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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
Rounding out our in-hand gallery coverage of the Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 3 is the newest member of the Protectobots, Rook! A graduate fresh out of the academy, Rook is an all-new character on the team, taking over Groove's role as a limb of Defensor. He's also the sole new mold in this wave of Deluxes (not that it is immediately obvious given some of the extreme remolding his wave-mates got).

Rook is a solid new Autobot, and he's a lot of fun to pick up and play with. The robot mode is a fairly brawny guy, built like a quarterback, and gives the impression of power when he is posed. He's got ankle-tilts, a real boon for posing. The hands feature 5mm ports on the fronts of the fists, done to look like cannons, which is cool and it allows you to plug weapons into the front of the arms, including the combiner form fists for a power-loaded exo-suit feel. However, this also means Room lacks traditional 5mm fist holes, and therefore does not get to hold a blaster like most other Transformers. The vehicle mode is a SWAT armored response vehicle, which partners well with the theme of the Protectobots and Streetwise in particular. Like the robot mode, there are a bunch of sockets on the vehicle mode to allow you to arm it however you choose.

Overall, Rook is one of those extremely fun toys who you can have a lot of fun with picking up and changing around all his weapons. Check him out and see for yourself:

Combiner Wars Rook Gallery