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By Joe Moore from TFW2005:
If you enjoy reading your Transformers comics on your mobile devices or tablets, then you may want to pay attention to his news. ComiXology has released a statement about the current IDW Comics Apps. At the end of this month, May 28th to be exact, IDW will be rolling out an all new set of comic reading apps. These will no longer be powered by the ComiXology platform. But fret not, ComiXology has instructions on how to sync your accounts. From ComiXology:
Here’s the important part – to maintain the ability to read your comics on the comiXology platform, you need to register and login to a comiXology account and tap Restore. If you do not complete this step before upgrading, you will only see the comics you purchased with in-app purchases on the new IDW app after updating and you will not be able to read the comics you purchased in this app on the comiXology apps or website.

So to make sure your favorite IDW comics are available here and connected to your comiXology account, just head over to the Settings tab of your app. If you have a comiXology account, just sign in. If you don't have one, you can click on the Create Account button and make one right inside the app.
You can find out more info Here.