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Post 118331       August 18 '15 at 01:45 PM
By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
The full schedule for all your strategic planning needs can be found here. Of course, you can also grab the official Guidebook app for Android or iOS. You can even access a Web version. I don’t have a position on which one is the right one. I respect your decision.

I am also here to announce something new for the show: The PAX Arena! This “PAX Arena” can take different shapes at different shows, but here’s what it means this time: it’s at the famous Paramount Theatre, it’s 2v2 Rocket League, Daily Tournaments, tons of spectator seating, and the prize bangs like a brick in a dryer.
PAX Arena

- Daily 64 team 2v2 Rocket League tourney. Single Elimination. PS4.

- Held at the Paramount Theatre

- Friday, Saturday, Sunday

- Semis and Finals Livestreamed on on the PAX Channel 1, every day, starting at 5:30p

- Each day the winning team will walk away with two custom Rocket League / PAX PS4s (no repeat winners though)

- If you don’t have a partner, we’re sure we can pair you up on site.


- 10 AM - Noon, Registration

- Noon - 4:45p, Opening Rounds

- 5:30p - 8:30p, Semis and Finals

And here’s a shot of the PS4’s that you can win at this thing, customized expertly by Colorware off Gavin’s rad polygonal theme for this year’s shows.

I said God damn!