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Post 121777       March 16 '16 at 08:01 AM
By Matty from TFW2005:

Thanks to TVshowsOnDVD, we’ve received more information regarding the release of Robots In Disguise (2015) season 1 DVD. The four disc DVD set from Shout! Factory will be released on May 10th and include some great bonus material, including the animated RID shorts. Here’s the full list of bonus goods: 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International Panel Featurette: A Look Behind-The-Scenes Toy Featurette 2 Additional New-to-DVD Featurettes 11 Animated Shorts: Fixit Jam Sticky Situation To Catch a Phrase Perfect Carjacked Knock Knock The Tragedy of Slipstream A Level Playing Field Two Plus Two Equals More The Power of Dibs Back and » Continue Reading.

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