Forum - How ISIS Finally Hacked the Arkansas Library Association
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Post 124716       June 12 '16 at 04:57 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's little-rocks department:
An anonymous reader shares this story from earlier in the week:

"ISIS hacking crews aren't the most talented hackers you'll find," reports Softpedia, noting that the terrorist group had finally succeeded in leaking the addresses and phone numbers of of over 800 employees of Arkansas high school and college libraries. "The Arkansas State Police is not working on the case," reports Newsweek, "and is leaving the follow-up to the Arkansas Library Association." In addition, "It appears that the FBI does not believe the threat from ISIS's cyber-hacks and lone-wolf directives is serious enough to occupy its resources on each individual." The ISIS hacking crew's previous targets have included a church's website in Michigan, a Japanese dance instructor, and an SEO optimization site which they'd apparently mistaken for Google.
One small-town library director told Newsweek that he personally found their library hack "vaguely amusing".