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By Sockie from TFW2005:
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Another month, another round of solicitations, as Previewsworld┬áhas put up those for IDW Publishing’s July comics. Rom vs. Transformers begins, Sideswipe awakens, the Howling Town is introduced, Starscream finds himself in trouble, and Revolutionaries reaches its end for now as the stage is set for the Insurgency crossover event. Plus the final installment of the Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook! Check it all out after the break. OPTIMUS PRIME #9 (W) John Barber (A/CA) Kei Zama THE LIFE OF SIDESWIPE! A Junkion machine finally gives long-injured Sideswipe a new lease on life! But when his brother goes missing, Sideswipe and Arcee » Continue Reading.

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