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Post 136703       June 18 '17 at 05:42 PM
By Salvador G Rodiles from Japanator:
As Attack on Titan Season 2 comes to an end, a bit of news about the series has surfaced. Instead of people having to wait a long time for the show to continue, we can expect the anime to return in 2018.

In light of this news, FUNimation uploaded a teaser for Attack on Titan's third season on their YouTube channel, which contains some images from the original manga. If anything, this is a good sign that it'll get simulcasted again in the future.

Since I enjoyed the series, I'm curious to see how things will turn out after the way how Season 2 ended. From the looks of it, this scenario could result in the wait between future seasons to go down.

So is anyone looking forward to Attack on Titan Season 3 next year?

[via Crunchyroll]