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By Black Convoy from TFW2005:
<img width="600" height="400" src="" alt="" />

Imaginarium Art Website have updated a pre-order of their G1 Jazz Statue and a nice gallery of the final product. These new images give us a great view of the Autobot warrior from almost every possible angle and showing his amazing finishing, extra details and measurements. There’s a full description of the product and details of the pre-order too : Autobot Jazz Transformers G1 1:6 Statues Item Code : 4587788441111 License : Hasbro Weight : 5 KG Retail Price : SG$ 449.00 ($334.37) Preorder Price : SG$ 405.00 ($301.60) Deposit : SG$ 100.00 ($74.47) Item Status : Preorder Closing Date : 06/18/2018 » Continue Reading.

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