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Post 147244       June 13 '18 at 07:20 PM
By Salvador G Rodiles from Japanator:
Is it me, or is summer turning into the season of classics releases? I think the answer might be "yes" since we have one of Leiji Matsumoto's (Space Battleship Yamato's Creator, Interstella 5555's Character Design) best characters appearing in manga form this week.

I may not have seen or read his story, but I enjoyed the episode of Megas XLR that made fun of him. Other than that, his outfit looks great and I heard nothing but good things about the captain from people I know. But yeah, it's great that more readers will get to witness his accomplishments in space.

With E3 going on, Splatoon's third volume coming out is a great timing. Japanator Contributor Christian Chiok found it to be decent, so it could be a great compliment to the Octo Expansion for the second game.

Back to the topic of older stuff, Initial D Legend 3 drifts by North America's streets so we can turn up the Eurobeat to maximum volume. Anyway, let's continue to enjoy this classic titles trend.