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Post 148041       July 11 '18 at 06:12 PM
By Salvador G Rodiles from Japanator:
It's hasn't been a month since the last live-action Garo release came out, and things are looking good for the Golden Knight. This time, we're seeing Garo the Movie: Divine Flame hitting home video in North America. The anime film is a sequel to Garo: The Animation, which I need to finish. From what I saw, it left me with a good impression.

As Planet With presents us with Satoshi Mizukami (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer's Creator), the fourth volume of his manga called Spirit Circle arrives to satisfy people's desire for his storytelling style. According to a friend of mine who loves his works, it continues to show off the guy's great method of setting up his characters and world.

Speaking of stuff I adore, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash's seventh volume launched. Honestly, I'm surprised the light novel went physical since J-Novel has the digital rights to it. My guess is that it has to do with how these deals are divided into different categories. Since I only watched the anime, I wonder if they revealed the mystery behind the setting they're in.

Considering that three things caught my interest, the second week of July managed to present us with some fine stuff.