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By Black Convoy from TFW2005:
<img width="425" height="600" src="" alt="" />

And now it’s time for Prime 1 Studios to show off their take on one the main villains in the Bumblebee Movie: Blitzwing. An extensive gallery of this impressive statue was uploaded via Prime 1 Studios Facebook account. We can also share for you the complete description and details of this product: ・Statue size approximately 31 inches tall (H: 78 cm, W: 50.9 cm, D: 52.2 cm) ・Statue size with Cannon (H: 78 cm, W: 60.1 cm, D: 52.2 cm) ・LED Light-up feature on Portrait ・One (1) interchangeable right-hand ・One (1) interchangeable right-hand cannon ・One (1) interchangeable left-hand ・One » Continue Reading.

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