Forum - Twitter Opens Developers Labs Program To Test New API Products
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By BeauHD from Slashdot's rebuilding-trust department:
"Twitter is upgrading its API to be more standards-compliant and more modern," writes longtime Slashdot reader andyp. "They also want to collaborate with developers as they create the new API platform." VentureBeat provides more details: Twitter today announced plans to build "the next generation of the Twitter API" that will provide more flexibility and better serve developers. As a first step, the company is launching the Twitter Developer Labs program to let developers preview new features and test new API products before they are finalized. Participating developers will be asked to provide feedback on what they like and don't like ahead of the broad rollout. Twitter announced Twitter API version 1.1 in August 2012. The social network and what developers use it for have changed a lot since then. Twitter has added enterprise data APIs and the Ads API, but the main API has largely stagnated. At the same time, Twitter has burned developers again and again. The first new features that will be released in Labs are GET /tweets and GET /users. After that, Twitter will release new versions of functionality to filter and search tweets, and to get tweet engagement and impression metrics.
If you'd like to participate in Labs, Twitter says you must follow these steps: 1. Visit the Labs page and sign up to receive updates.
2.Create a developer account (if you haven't yet). Access to Labs will require a developer account, even if you have an active app created through the former website.
3.Review the Labs documentation to learn more about what's coming (and follow @TwitterDev).
4. Share feedback.