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By Christian Chiok from Japanator:
After conquering Japan and a sizeable portion of import-friendly otaku, Cygames and its crown jewel Granblue Fantasy are ready to push deeper into mainstream gaming with Granblue Fantasy Versus, a fighter developed by top-line studio Arc System Works. Of course, with Versus poised to be many non-Japanese players' first-ever exposure to Granblue Fantasy as a whole, we were left with a few questions about how the company planned to put its best foot forward, as well as a few posed by hardcore GBF players.

To that end, we caught up with Cygames executive Yuito Kimura (Granblue Fantasy's lead Producer), and Creative Director Tetsuya Fukuhara at Anime Expo 2019 to get the goods! Read on for our exchange, plus a bit of helpful advice from Kimura himself about the best way to get started with GBF!