Forum - Japanator Exclusive: An Interview with Too Kyo Games' Kotaro Uchikoshi
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By Christian Chiok from Japanator:
Kotaro Uchikoshi is a legend among Japanese game designers. A director and writer best known for his visual novel and adventure game work - particularly the Infinity and Zero Escape series - Uchikoshi was an institution at veteran publisher Spike Chunsoft. He also wrote the concept for the anime series The Girl in Twilight. As of last year, though, he's gone indie, forming Too Kyo Games alongside Danganronpa series luminaries members and his Infinity co-writer Takumi Nakazawa.

And there are few signs he's stopping, with directing work under his belt for AI: The Somnium Files at Spike Chunsoft and writing for two new projects at Too Kyo. I was lucky to catch up with this busy guy at this year's Anime Expo, and we got to discussing his work, and what to expect next!