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Post 61230       April 08 '11 at 10:15 AM
By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
Gabriel just returned from something called a "Great Wolf Lodge," which sounds like a half-way house for troubled young lycanthropes. But it's not! And apparently there are many things there, things both wolven and lodgy, but the big takeaway is apparently MagiQuest which is like if they had RFID at Hogwarts.

If you want to play it correctly, and that's obviously what we should be shooting for as a free people, you can apparently run up a pretty good tab. Correctly in this case means a cloak. For starters.

Dragon Age II is firmly, deeply situated "in the bag" at this point, completion time thirty six hours or so, and the experience has been completely bizarre. As the resident Lore Hound, and indeed, for any person who knows what a Thedas is, there is a substantial quantity of aged narrative beef present. Cultural stuff barely hinted at by Origins' inclusion of Sten takes center stage, bolstered by ecstatic writing (that's ecstatic, definition 2) that has an entire alien culture as its payload.

I don't know how successful the original Dragon Age was, but given its interminable development cycle "success" as humans perceive this phenomenon may not have been possible. I don't think the climate at EA allows for that kind of build anymore, I don't think even BioWare can get away with something like that when it isn't attached to an ongoing payment structure. Something had to give, somewhere, and it's not hard to see where.

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