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By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
Every time a shop closes near our office, within the space of a week it is transformed into a dispensary. Italian Soccer Bar? Dispensary. Custom Engraving? This is now a dispensary also, though you can get things engraved while-u-wait. Our state decided a long time ago that it wanted Medical Marijuana to be a thing, but they never thought much about what that would actually look like, and in the absence of a legal framework what it looks like is that every time a shop closes near our office, within the space of a week it is transformed into a dispensary.

This is the passage of time, I suppose; you become an old person without realizing it, and the world grows wooly and strange. I understand that blowjobs are now a casual greeting among young people, and you can get high without having to hang out in a weird person's living room for five hours watching Rainbow Brite.

You're always born too late.

The two things I want to talk about the most I can't, because I've signed papers to that effect, which means that the remainder of my brain is focused on something I can't have, which is Portal 2.

I've been following the ARG associated with its launch, and potentially its early launch, in the observational way I "play" most ARGs. I'm not smart enough to penetrate those puzzles, or to even recognize that a puzzle is being presented. I come in after the fact and skim off the story stuff and spend a little time in the nimbus of their cleverness, feeling more clever thereby.

The last phase, though, is Brute Force - and that is something I can do, and it is something I can ask you to help with, and we can crank open the aperture on this muhfuckin' Victory Spigot. We can make the game launch early, on PC at any rate, and that's something I think we should so.

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