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Post 61810       April 18 '11 at 09:45 AM
By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
The Wii2 rumors are getting pretty dense up in this piece. Microsoft proved that you can get pretty far dropping a new platform before everyone else is ready, to the extent that if you can do it, you should. We've aggregated the most far-out content from blogs, newswebs, and dotcoms, boiling out the excess moisture until all that's left is a kind of dense cake.

I'm incredibly curious about the Steam integration on the PS3 - not the particulars of it (it's Steam on the PS3) but whether or not this is something people want. People use platforms and like platforms, and they play games where they like to play them. How often do they resent the yawning gulfs between them? Is this like creating a vegan menu for lions?

I explained the functionality to Gabriel, who reclined in his customary fashion, entirely unimpressed, and quite possibly asleep. He didn't even know who he would play with on the PC should he choose to purchase the game on the PS3, when the whole point of the conversation was that he could play with me. You will either understand completely or not at all: if I can play a game on the PC, I will. This thing is a Goddamned monster, a nightmare horse always pawing its burning hooves at the dirt. It must feed! etc. Because we live in the actual universe, there are sometimes caveats:

1. My friends occasionally choose my platform for me.
2. If the Digital Rights Management is exceptionally fruity, I may opt for a console version.
3. If it's not day and date.

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