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By NIBMRatchet from TFW2005:
You may have already read TFW2005’s coverage of Transformers Ongoing splitting into two titles; More Than Meets The Eye & Robots In Disguise (If you haven’t read… go read. But mind you… Spoilers!). Both issues are set to release in 4 different covers each in January, 2011. But, as some of you noticed, the covers combine to form one single image each.

Transformers artist Alex Milne is handling the More Than Meets The Eye cover while Marcelo Matere (who is also another famous artist) handles the Robots In Disguise cover. Joining them are talented Priscilla Tramontano, and Josh Perez to take care of the awesome coloring.

Thanks to the DeviantArt accounts of the artists, we are treated with the inter-connected covers. Take a look... after the jump.