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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
The latest from Gameinformer's coverage of High Moon Studio's Fall of Cybertron is all about Autobot Jazz. Optimus Prime's lieutenant in the original cartoon, Fall of Cybertron is set to see Jazz take the role of a playable character. The article has some spoilers as it goes into detail about how Jazz fits into the story, and there is also some examination of how Jazz's personality is integrated into the way the character moves and plays. A key feature discussed in the article is how Jazz has an emphasis on speed - his levels are large and multi-tiered, and Jazz can traverse them using his signature grapple ability, which older fans might remember from the earliest episodes of Transformers Generation 1.

It is also mentioned in the course of the article that Cliffjumper is also expected to be a playable character, and that he and Jazz have a "buddy cop" kind of dynamic between them.

Click here to check out the full article, then discuss it on our 2005 Boards. Be sure to check out the full artwork of Fall of Cybertron Jazz on the second page of the article.