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Post 72525       February 03 '12 at 11:15 AM
By Joe Moore from TFW2005:
All this misuse of "R.I.D.", as an acronym for the new Transformers Prime toys, is driving old-timers like me crazy. So for today's Featured Ebay Auctions, let's take a look at the real R.I.D. and some Car Robots Transformers.

Transformers Brave Maximus RID Fortress Grand Maximus MIB 100% COMPLETE IN BOX | eBay
Transformers C-023 RID God Ultra Magnus C-001 Cybertron | eBay
Transformers RID Robots in Disguise Sky-Byte New & in Sealed Box R.I.D. MISB!! | eBay
Transformers Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) SCOURGE | eBay
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