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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
By way of the"]Takara-Tomy Facebook page[/URL] and the Twitter account of @ToYz80 we've got a look at the real lineup for the Takara-Tomy Transformers GT series (ignore our post from yesterday, that particular lineup was apparently fake).

Shown off at Dengeki's 20th anniversary festival at Makuhari Messe convention centre are three variants on the remolded Alternity Convoy body type - one as Convoy / Optimus Prime himself, with a green and white version shown representing a Fortress Maximus Super GT and a Star Saber Super GT in blue. The names are apparently GT-R Prime, GT-R Maximus and GT-R Saber respectively.

Check out the images of Saber and Maximus by reading on with this story. There's also three girls pictured in the colors of the three robots - we're not sure if these are meant to be driver / partner figures a la the Binaltech Asterisk / Human Alliance series or merely a part of the series marketing and backstory.