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Post 88951       May 24 '13 at 08:30 AM
By Gabe from Penny Arcade:
If you’re not playing Monaco you should be. You can grab it for the PC or XBL and it’s awesome no matter where you play it.

It’s an Ocean’s 11 style heist game that has you building a four person team from a selection of eight awesome archetypes. You can play as characters like the Locksmith, the Hacker or the Red Head. Each character has special abilities that you’ll need in order to pull off the games many capers. The game is a blast and a big part of it for me at least are the beautiful retro graphics. Each of the eight characters is represented by a simple little sprite figure of a specific color.

As soon as I started playing I wanted to take those sprites and turn them into full blown cartoon characters.

It started off as a fun little art challenge that I was just doing for myself. Going off nothing but how they behaved in game and what was communicated via the sprites I tried to imagine what each character really looked like. As soon as I had done two of them I knew that I had to do the entire set.

I posted them on Twitter and a few people asked about buying prints of the designs. They aren’t our characters though and so we we reached out to Andy Schatz the creator of Monaco and asked if we could make them and then send him money. He was cool with that.

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