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Post 89149       May 29 '13 at 11:45 AM
By Gabe from Penny Arcade:
We are nearing the finish line with our DLC podcast Kickstarter and we’ve added one final stretch goal to the mix. If we manage to crack the 200k mark we will deliver a podcast for a game session of Lost Lands. That’s right the tabletop RPG created by my 8yo son. He will GM a game for me and a few of my friends and we will record the entire thing for you.

I’ve played Lost Lands a few times now and it’s great. It’s goofy and ridiculous but also surprisingly cool in a few ways. That’s not just me being a Dad either. He ran his game for Scott a few weeks ago and after hearing the basic mechanics Scott turned to me and said “wow I might actually use that idea in my game.” It’s pretty amazing what kids can come up with when they don’t know what they are “supposed” to do. Needless to say I am incredibly proud.

The update to the Kickstarter includes a few other bits of info including the image for the poster that backers will receive.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us via the Kickstarter. It’s because of you guys that we can keep making stuff.

-Gabe out