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Post 89385       June 03 '13 at 11:00 AM
By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
When you have made a successful game, making a sequel is just what happens. it’s natural! Physics asserts itself, and the notion condenses out of the solution.

I don’t mean that making it is autonomic. Even telling other people to make things is exhausting; ask Jeff, who has maintained a tyrannical atmosphere the last few weeks to get On The Rain-Slick Precipice 4 out the door on Friday. But whether or not a project like that is undertaken at all is more straightforward.

Asheron’s Call had done well, that was the one I’d actually lost myself in completely, and since making a sequel to successful games is what you do, they made another one that collapsed in months. You can see the “mad science” aspects of the plan from our current chronojuncture: the creation of an ultrabeast, leveraging existing DNA, who has the same food source as the original organism. It’s not something you should do. This is how conventional wisdom turns people into dumb animals.
For years, NC Soft enunciated a discrete plan - to make and sustain a host of massively multiplayer games that invariably caught the players churned out of other genre entries. Their own, and others. EVE Online has simply reinvested in the original game. But if you are operating World of Warcraft, we know now that you don’t make a “World of Warcraft 2.” The reality is that we’re on World of Warcraft 5 already, and it’s still not done.
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