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Post 90892       July 05 '13 at 09:00 AM
By ORIO from TFW2005:
2005 Board member bobbyjack has had a busy day of hunting for new Transformer toys, and he hit paydirt! Found today at a couple of his local Wal-Marts in West Virginia were the Fall of Cybertron Wreckers! This Generations deluxe wave 4 assortment consists of Roadbuster, Twin Twist, Whirl, Top Spin and our first ever official Impactor figure! All figures are reuses of the fall of Cybertron Combaticon figures and combine into Ruination.

Also discovered on shelves was Beast Hunters Megatron. The sole new figure in Beast Hunters Wave 4 is also known as "Sharkticon Megatron".

Check out the pics attached for proof and report your Transformer toy sightings in our Sightings forum!