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Post 94697       October 01 '13 at 01:30 PM
By NIBMRatchet from TFW2005:
Michael Bay's Official Website always keeps a healthy relationship with the Transformers Fandom. Nelson; the Site Admin of Shoot For The Edit shed some new info on the Robots of Transformers: Age Of Extinction, moments ago:

"I like how Bumblebee looks like in robot form this time around. He looks badass and sleek.

The Stingray is one of my favorite looking robots.

So is the Bugatti. Wait til you see this guy in action. He will blow your mind!!

And Hound reminds me of the bearded chubby fellow in Braveheart. He might take the cake when it comes to personality."

With it, we now have a good idea as to who the "Pole-face" Bearded Robot is.