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By Soulskill from Slashdot's may-the-fourth-amendment-be-with-you department:
schwit1 writes: If the government puts a GPS tracker on you, your car, or any of your personal effects, it counts as a search—and is therefore protected by the Fourth Amendment. The Supreme Court clarified and affirmed that law on Monday, when it ruled on Torrey Dale Grady v. North Carolina (PDF), before sending the case back to that state's high court. The Court's short but unanimous opinion helps make sense of how the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure, interacts with the expanding technological powers of the U.S. government. "The only theory we discern [...] is that the State's system of nonconsensual satellite-based monitoring does not entail a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. That theory is inconsistent with this Court's precedents."

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Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 01:46 PM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's resurfacing-their-portables department:
An anonymous reader writes: Today Microsoft announced the latest device in their line of Windows tablets: the Surface 3. The tablet runs a full version of Windows (the troublesome "RT" line has been deprecated), and aims to compete with Apple's iPad. The Surface 3 has a 10.8" screen running at 1920x1280 (note the 3:2 ratio). It's 8.7mm thick and weighs 622 grams (1.27 lbs). They're somewhat vague about the battery life, but they say it will last up to 10 hours "based on video playback." They've also made it possible to charge the device with a standard micro-USB charger. The base device with 64GB storage, 2GB RAM, and Wi-Fi will cost $500, and it'll scale up with more storage, more ram, and 4G LTE connectivity. (It maxes out at 4GB RAM, so any heavy-duty gaming is probably out of the question.) The keyboard is still a separate $130 accessory as well.

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Transformers Rescue Bots Season 4 Confirmed
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 01:30 PM
By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
Good news, Rescue Bots fans - Transformers Rescue Bots is primed to get a fourth season. Rumours that the show might end with season 3 had been circulating with the Hasbro Studios webpage listing the show only had three seasons, but a press release today on the Discovery Family Channel corporate website talks about the network's 2015-16 season - and among the listings is one for a Transformers Rescue Bots Season 4.

While this is not completely unexpected - Hasbro have gone on record saying the show is popular among younger age groups - it was never a certainty given the show has more than hit that magic number of episodes to put it into syndication.

With this news, it also means that Transformers Rescue Bots is poised to overtake Transformers Generation 1's record for number of 22 minute episodes, assuming this fourth season is 26 episodes long like the previous ones.

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Massive Power Outage Paralyzes Turkey
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 01:01 PM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's taken-for-granted-until-it's-gone department:
wiredmikey writes: A massive power outage caused chaos and shut down public transport across Turkey on Tuesday, with the government refusing to rule out that the electricity system had been the victim of an attack. The nationwide power cut, the worst in 15 years, began shortly after 10:30 am (0730 GMT) in Istanbul, the state-run Anatolia news agency quoted the Turkey Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) as saying. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said the authorities were investigating whether the power outage was due to a technical failure or cyber-attack. "It is too early to say now if it is because of a technical reason, a manipulation, a faultplay, an operational mistake, or a cyber (attack). We are looking into it... We cannot say they are excluded possibilities."

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By Matty from TFW2005:
It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas time, right? Either way, Hallmark is starting to show off some sneak peaks of their upcoming 2015 line up. You may recall last year Transformers fans were treated to a Generation 1 Optimus Prime ornament, it goes without saying that Prime would of course need his nemesis to battle with while hanging from the tree. Thanks to Hooked On Hallmark, we have our first look at the Generation 1 Megatron ornament.

No prices or release date info is released yet, but make the jump for now to share some initial thoughts.

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By Matty from TFW2005:
Sad news to report today of the passing of Roger Slifer. Mr. Slifer has ties to our franchise as being a producer and story editor for many Sunbow Entertainment properties, including the original series of Transformers (seasons 2, 3, and "season 5" as well as Transformers: The Movie). Mr. Slifer is best known for co-creating DC's Lobo (with Keith Giffen) in the Omega Men comic series.

TFW2005 sends our condolences to the family of Roger Slifer.

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Q Transformers Episode 13 Released
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 12:15 PM
By Matty from TFW2005:
The 13th episode of the Q Transformers is now available. In this release we are introduced to Megatron! Check out the video below.

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By Soulskill from Slashdot's building-the-national-dronehockey-league department:
An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from The Guardian:
Amazon is testing its drone delivery service at a secret site in Canada, following repeated warnings by the e-commerce giant that it would go outside the U.S. to bypass what it sees as the U.S. federal government's lethargic approach to the new technology. The largest internet retailer in the world is keeping the location of its new test site closely guarded. What can be revealed is that the company's formidable team of roboticists, software engineers, aeronautics experts and pioneers in remote sensing – including a former NASA astronaut and the designer of the wingtip of the Boeing 787 – are now operating in British Columbia. The end goal is to utilize what Amazon sees as a slice of virgin airspace – above 200ft, where most buildings end, and below 500ft, where general aviation begins. Into that aerial slice the company plans to pour highly autonomous drones of less than 55lbs, flying through corridors 10 miles or longer at 50mph and carrying payloads of up to 5lbs that account for 86% of all the company's packages.

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Firefox 37 Released
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 11:30 AM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's onward-and-upward department:
Today Mozilla began rolling out Firefox version 37.0 to release channel users. This update mostly focuses on behind-the-scenes changes. Security improvements include opportunistic encryption where servers support it and improved protection against site impersonation. They also disabled insecure TLS version fallback and added a security panel within the developer tools. One of the things end users will see is the Heartbeat feedback collection system. It will pop up a small rating widget to a random selection of users every day. After a user rates Firefox, an "engagement" page may open in the background, with links to social media pages and a donation page. Here are the release notes and full changelist.

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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
Botcon have revealed the first toy for their 2015 convention in St Charles, Illinois. The first of the five to be revealed is "The Thief", a new version of classic Botcon character Packrat, who was a blue version of Rattrap - and so, in that same vein, this new Packrat is a blue recolor of the Generations Rattrap.

Check out the review video below, and watch this space for future convention reveals as well as the all-important registration, which we hope with less than three months to go until the convention will be posted soon.

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By timothy from Slashdot's here-is-your-read-only-cardboard-box department:
New submitter recaptcha writes Today one of my fellow workers has announced he has found another job and will be leaving our company in two weeks' time. This is all above board and there is no disgruntled employee scenario here; he is simply working through his notice period and finishing up some jobs. I have already set some fileserver folders to Read-Only for him and taken a backup of his mailbox in case he empties it on the last day. Which best practices do you follow that will prevent a resigning user from causing any damage (deliberately or not) in these last days of employment before his account is disabled?

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Book Review: Drush For Developers, 2nd Edition
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 10:15 AM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's read-all-about-it department:
Michael Ross writes As with any content management system, building a website using Drupal typically requires extensive use of its administrative interface, as one navigates through its menus, fills out its forms, and reads the admin pages and notifications — or barely skims them, as they have likely been seen by the site builder countless times before. With the aim of avoiding this tedium, speeding up the process, and making it more programmatic, members of the Drupal community created a "shell" program, Drush, which allows one to perform most of these tasks on the command line. At this time, there is only one current print book that covers this tool, Drush for Developers, Second Edition, which is ostensibly an update of its predecessor, Drush User's Guide. Read below for the rest of Michael's review. Drush For Developers, 2nd Edition
author Juampy Novillo Requena
pages 180
publisher Packt Publishing
rating 7/10
reviewer Michael Ross
ISBN 978-1784393786
summary Recommendations for improving Drupal development with Drush.

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TFcon Charlotte 2015 hotel block now online
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 09:31 AM
By Super_Megatron from TFW2005:
The TFcon Charlotte hotel block is now available. You can book your hotel room for TFcon Charlotte 2015 by calling the Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord reservation department direct at 704-455-8200 or toll-free @ 1-800-EMBASSY and mention TFcon. When booking by phone, please ask for the TFcon rate to receive the discount. You can also book your room via the hotel reservation website at

The TFcon hotel rate gives you:
-Complimentary Breakfast Buffet
-Complimentary High Speed Internet
-Complimentary 2 drink vouchers per day
-Complimentary Parking

The group rate is good for October 11th to October 22th, 2015 at the price of $149 per room.

TFcon Charlotte – America’s largest fan-run Transformers convention comes to the weekend of October 16th to 18th, 2015. TFcon Charlotte will take place at the Embassy Suites Charlotte Concord. Dealer bookings and registration information will also be available in the very near future.

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Microsoft Considered Giving Away Original Xbox
Posted by News Fetcher on March 31 '15 at 09:31 AM
By timothy from Slashdot's could've-been-a-cue-cat department:
donniebaseball23 writes While the term 'Xbox' is firmly implanted in every gamer's mind today, when Microsoft first set out to launch a console in 2001, people weren't sure what to expect and Microsoft clearly wasn't sure what approach to take to the market. As Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley explained, "In the early days of Xbox, especially before we had figured out how to get greenlit for the project as a pure game console, everybody and their brother who saw the new project starting tried to come in and say it should be free, say it should be forced to run Windows after some period of time." Blackley added that other ideas were pushed around at Microsoft too, like Microsoft should just gobble up Nintendo. "Just name it, name a bad idea and it was something we had to deal with," he said.

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By timothy from Slashdot's copious-free-time department:
jones_supa writes Luke Hodorowicz, the hard-working developer behind the townbuilding strategy computer game Banished, has
designed a novel GPU shading language and written a compiler for it. The language has been christened 'Shining Rock Shading Language' (SRSL) and it outputs the program in several other shading languages. The first goal for the language was to treat the vertex, fragment and geometry shader as a single program. The language sees the graphics pipeline as a stream of data, followed by some code, which outputs a stream of data, and then more code runs, and another stream of data is output. Body text of the shaders is very C-like and should be understood easily coming from other shading languages. SRSL has all the intrinsic functions you would expect from HLSL or GLSL. All types are HLSL-style. Loops and conditionals are available, but switch statements and global variables are seen redundant and not implemented. Luke's blog post tells more about the details of the language, complemented with examples.

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