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By Salvador GRodiles from Japanator:
As Garage Hero continues to work hard on completing Gun Caliber, the team has gone ahead and created a page for Hayate: Asakusa's Ninja Hero, a ninja-themed tokusatsu project that's aimed towards children. At the moment, the only thing that we know about Hayate is that it features a ninja who protects Tokyo's Asakusa district from evil. If anything, we can look forward to some new updates on the project when their page updates down the road.

Based on the teaser that Garage Hero posted back in July, the show seems to be a comedic series where the Ninja Hero activates his finishers through special cards. While we're unsure on what to expect from the team's next project, I'm certain that their great work with Gun Caliber is a sign that we'll be in for a good time.

In case you never saw Hayate's first trailer, you can use your secret ninja techniques to watch the video below.


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By Soulskill from Slashdot's if-you-lost-a-bet,-go-pay-up department:
sciencehabit writes: Scientists have long believed that the power of the sun comes largely from the fusion of protons into helium, but now they can finally prove it (abstract). An international team of researchers using a detector buried deep below the mountains of central Italy has detected neutrinos—ghostly particles that interact only very reluctantly with matter—streaming from the heart of the sun. Other solar neutrinos have been detected before, but these particular ones come from the key proton-proton fusion reaction that is the first part of a chain of reactions that provides 99% of the sun's power.

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By timothy from Slashdot's hey-these-guys-did-it-to-me-too department:
An anonymous reader writes "AT&T has been overbilling my account based on overcounting DSL internet usage (they charge in 50 gigabyte units after the first 150). I have been using a Buffalo NFinity Airstation as a managed switch to count all traffic. As you may know, this device runs firmware based on dd-wrt and has hidden telnet functionality, so I am able to load a script to count traffic directly onto the device. I have an auto-scraper that collects the data and saves it on my computer's hard disk every two minutes while the computer is running. While it is not running, the 2 minute counters accumulate in RAM on the device. Power problems are not normally an issue here; and even when they are I can tell it has happened. The upshot of all this is I can measure the exact amount of download bandwidth and a guaranteed overestimate of upload bandwidth in bytes reliably. I have tested this by transferring known amounts of data and can account for every byte counted, including ethernet frame headers. AT&T's billing reporting reports usage by day only, lags two days, and uses some time basis other than midnight. It is also reading in my testing a fairly consistent 14% higher whenever the basis doesn't disturb the test by using too much bandwidth too close to midnight.

< article continued at Slashdot >

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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
By way of 2005 Boards member Timothy.R we have a sighting of a whole swarm of Age of Extinction Leader class Bumblebee! The leader class Bumblebee is the third Leader class toy released for the Age of Extinction line, and is a re-release of the Dark of the Moon toy, without the MechTech weapon. Definitely one for the completists, or the fans of 'bee! He was found at Costco in Montgomeryville, PA.

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By Roblimo from Slashdot's 1-u-2-u-more-u-than-u-bargained-4 department:
Yesterday we had a story titled 'IBM Gearing Up Mega Power 8 Servers For October Launch.' In the intro Timothy wrote, ' for a video interview with Balog on how he's helping spend the billion dollars that IBM pledged last year on open source development.' This is that video, and in it Balog tells us how much IBM loves Linux and open source, and how they're partnering with multiple distros, recently including Ubuntu. So get ready for Power 8 servers in October. IBM is pushing them like mad -- especially in the Linux/FOSS realm. (Alternate Video Link)

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By Soulskill from Slashdot's need-gravity-to-balance-eye-fusion department:
SternisheFan sends this report from Universe Today:
How does microgravity affect your health? One of the chief concerns of NASA astronauts these days is changes to eyesight. Some people come back from long-duration stays in space with what appears to be permanent changes, such as requiring glasses when previously they did not. And the numbers are interesting. A few months after NASA [said] 20% of astronauts may face this problem, a new study points out that 21 U.S. astronauts that have flown on the International Space Station for long flights (which tend to be five to six months) face visual problems. These include "hyperopic shift, scotoma and choroidal folds to cotton wool spots, optic nerve sheath distension, globe flattening and edema of the optic nerve," states the University of Houston, which is collaborating with NASA on a long-term study of astronauts while they're in orbit.

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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
We've got another great Transformers toy gallery to share with you tonight. Courtesy of TFW2005 photo staff member SydneyY, we have a look at the Takara-Tomy Toys R Us exclusive Age of Extinction "Rusty Version" Optimus Prime!

Based on Optimus Prime's evasion mode, used to hide from those hunting him in the new movie, this Toys R Us Japan exclusive release recolors Optimus into a cream deco with plentiful "rust" paint applications. The truck mode is extremely effective in this deco! In robot mode, Optimus features a whole lot of white and looks a bit less "grimey" than his normal truck might. There's a new headsculpt used for this version of the toy too - a full on faceplate version of the movie Optimus head is featured here, rather than the "mouth" head of the mass retail releases.

All in all, this release features an excellent take on the truck mode, but we feel the robot mode might be a bit divisive come the finish. Check out the awesome photos that SydneyY has done for us and judge for yourself!

Takara-Tomy Age of Extinction Optimus Prime Rusty Version (Toys R Us Japan Exclusive) Gallery

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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
We've got a new Transformers toy sighting for you today folks. TFW2005 member Jertallica reports finding the Platinum Edition Silver Knight Optimus Prime at the Plymouth Target in Minnesota.

This Silver Knight Optimus Prime is a redeco of the huge First Edition Age of Extinction Optimus Prime. As you can see from Jertallica's pic, this figure has a striking mix of silver plastic and silver chrome. While it's not for everyone, this figure seems to be very much the definitive version of the Silver Knight Optimus Prime concept that Target has been running for their exclusives this movie.

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By Soulskill from Slashdot's car-talk department:
schwit1 sends word that the Dept. of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given notice of a proposal (PDF) for a new car safety standard that would require vehicle-to-vehicle communication equipment in all new passenger cars and light trucks. The NHTSA thinks this will facilitate the development of new safety software for vehicles. They estimate it could prevent over 500,000 crashes (PDF) each year. "Some crash warning V2V applications, like Intersection Movement Assist and Left Turn Assist, rely on V2V-based messages to obtain information to detect and then warn drivers of possible safety risks in situations where other technologies have less capability. ... NHTSA believes that V2V capability will not develop absent regulation, because there would not be any immediate safety benefits for consumers who are early adopters of V2V." The submitter notes that this V2V communication would include transmission of a vehicle's location, which comes with privacy concerns.

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How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest
Posted by News Fetcher on August 27 '14 at 11:00 AM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's cookies-will-do-the-trick department:
snydeq writes: Developers are embracing a range of open source technologies, writes Matt Asay, virtually none of which are supported or sold by Red Hat, the purported open source leader. "Ask a CIO her choice to run mission-critical workloads, and her answer is a near immediate 'Red Hat.' Ask her developers what they prefer, however, and it's Ubuntu. Outside the operating system, according to AngelList data compiled by Leo Polovets, these developers go with MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL for their database; Chef or Puppet for configuration; and ElasticSearch or Solr for search. None of this technology is developed by Red Hat. Yet all of this technology is what the next generation of developers is using to build modern applications. Given that developers are the new kingmakers, Red Hat needs to get out in front of the developer freight train if it wants to remain relevant for the next 20 years, much less the next two."

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U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras
Posted by News Fetcher on August 27 '14 at 10:30 AM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's proof-is-in-the-pudding department:
Several readers sent word that U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has begun speaking in favor of mandatory cameras for police across the country. "Everywhere I go people now have cameras. And police officers are now at a disadvantage, because someone can tape the last part of an encounter and not tape the first part of the encounter. And it gives the impression that the police officer has overreacted when they haven't." This follows the recent controversy ove the shooting death of Michael Brown in a police incident, as well as a White House petition on the subject that rocketed to 100,000 signatures.

McCaskill continued, "I would like to see us say, 'If you want federal funding in your community, you've got to have body cams on your officers. And I think that would go a long way towards solving some of these problems, and it would be a great legacy over this tragedy that's occurred in Ferguson, regardless of what the facts say at the end as to whether or not anyone is criminally culpable."

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By SilverOptimus from TFW2005:
Mobage has announced the next Transformers: Legends event; Enter The Nightbird.

NIGHTBIRD, an ally of the AUTOBOTS, was kidnapped by MEGATRON. The female ninja robot was reprogrammed to destroy her friends, but can she be saved before she slices them to bits? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: Legends – "ENTER THE NIGHTBIRD"!

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By Unknown Lamer from Slashdot's flat-is-in department:
vinces99 (2792707) writes Scientists have developed what they believe is the thinnest-possible semiconductor, a new class of nanoscale materials made in sheets only three atoms thick. The University of Washington researchers have demonstrated that two of these single-layer semiconductor materials can be connected in an atomically seamless fashion known as a heterojunction. This result could be the basis for next-generation flexible and transparent computing, better light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, and solar technologies.

"Heterojunctions are fundamental elements of electronic and photonic devices," said senior author Xiaodong Xu, a UW assistant professor of materials science and engineering and of physics. "Our experimental demonstration of such junctions between two-dimensional materials should enable new kinds of transistors, LEDs, nanolasers, and solar cells to be developed for highly integrated electronic and optical circuits within a single atomic plane."

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By SilverOptimus from TFW2005:
We have received an official press release from Paramount regarding the Home Release of Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

The movie will release on 30th September on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD & VOD loaded with special features including the famous Kreon Movie Trilogy Summary video plus a feature for the upcoming Angry Birds: Transformers game.

Street date: September 30, 2014 (Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD) and September 16, 2014 (Digital HD)

Runtime: 164 minutes

$52.99 (Blu-ray 3D Combo)
$42.99 (Blu-ray Combo)
$29.99 (DVD)

You can read the entire Press Release, after the jump.

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Google Buys Zync Cloud Graphics Rendering Service
Posted by News Fetcher on August 27 '14 at 09:00 AM
By Unknown Lamer from Slashdot's cloud-tracing department:
mpicpp (3454017) writes To beef up its cloud platform with more specialized packages, Google is acquiring Zync for its large scale rendering service for movie special effects, called Zync Render. Google plans to offer the Zync service on its Google Cloud Platform, where it can be used by motion picture studios that do not want to build their own rendering farms.

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