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Vertical licenses Tetsuya Tsutsui's Prophecy
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 06:00 PM
By Ben Huber from Japanator:
What has Vertical picked up now? I always pay attention to Vertical's licenses, as they have a knack for picking solid, unique titles. At the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention, they announced that they'll be picking up Tetsuya Tsutsui's most recent endeavor, Prophecy (Yokokuhan). The story of Prophecy involves Tokyo police's cyber crime division (headed by the young genius Yoshino Erika) up against a strange man in a newspaper mask who predicts crimes and fulfills the will of the angry populace. It's a modern thriller about vigilantism, social media, and justice.

This series is relatively short, with only three volumes making up the story. Tsutsui has been mostly doing short-form manga (at least, compared to most series) and one-shots, which means you won't be waiting years for it to finish. I haven't yet had a chance to read any of his work, but researching this title has gotten me very interested.

Vertical will be releasing Prophecy next year in September. Are you intrigued by the premise?

[via Vertical_Ed]

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Square Enix registers new Drakengard web domain
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 05:45 PM
By Tim Sheehy from Japanator:

Cross your fingers everyone. It's been reported that the North American branch of Square Enix have registered a brand new web domain related to the Drakengard franchise, So far, there's been no official statement on the matter, although the move seems to imply Drakengard 3, the latest entry in the series, will be making its way west. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

While the series as a whole hasn't performed spectacularly well in markets outside of Japan, the footage presented at Tokyo Game Show last month has had many of us clamoring for more. I'll be honest, it's the first time I've been excited about the series since they announced the first game back in 2003. I just hope it plays as well as it looks. Drakengard 3 hits Japanese shelves this December.


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Cookie Clicker takes on Japan
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 04:00 PM
By Ben Huber from Japanator:
Cookie Clicker is the latest browser-based game sweeping the nation. Yes, it's all there in the name: you click cookies. Once you click enough, you can spend those cookies on items to generate cookies for you... which in turn make more cookies to buy even bigger items. It's a completely pointless game, but also disturbingly addicting and fun -- so watch out. It seems Cookie Clicker has now jumped the pond to Japan as well, as Pixiv has been flooded with fan art and parodies.

Not only has the fan art been big, but there's even been a KanColle parody of the cookie-baking simulator. I'm sure you can find even more fandom crossovers with Cookie Clicker all throughout Pixiv and Tumblr, but I picked a few out to share with you today. They're all amazing. The header image is done by Fire Emblem's character designer, Yusuke Kozaki.

So what say you, faithful readers? Is Cookie Clicker your jam, or are you lost on why it's so popular? I played it quite a bit a week or two ago, but now I'm waiting for the next big update to jump back in: it's going to have dungeons! Yes, cookie dungeons. With girl scouts. And cookie dough monsters. Trust me, this is going to be big, guys.


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Final Impressions: The World God Only Knows Season 3
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 03:00 PM
By Pedro Cortes from Japanator:
After another twelve episodes, it's time to say goodbye to The World God Only Knows yet again. Unlike the previous two seasons, The Goddess Arc has a through line that has yet to be resolved by the final episode.

By now, Vintage has managed to get their hands on most of the other Goddesses, but just about every girl that Keima has dealt with over the course of the series is also involved. Keima is working on pulling Mercury out of Ayumi, yet interference from Chihiro has made that job more complicated. So complicated that Ayumi demands that Keima show up and "marry" her by the water, also coincidentally close to where the girls are being held.

Now that you're caught up, you can hit the jump to find out what happens in the last episode and get my impressions from this season as a whole.


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Super Fan reviews ALL of Sailor Moon
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 03:00 PM
By Karen Mead from Japanator:
When I saw that Youtube user Evan MacIsaac was attempting to do video reviews of all 200 Sailor Moon TV episodes, I thought "heh, good luck with that." Then I noticed that he's up to Episode 198, and now I feel like a totally inadequate Sailor Moon fan in comparison. Not only is this guy almost done with his reviewing project, he's also covering the stage musicals and-- AND-- films and edits his own versions of the Sailor Senshi transformation sequences, featuring costumes he made himself...out of construction paper. I mean, I made an AMV that one time, but I think it's fair to say this guy is just a higher tier of fan than I am. I'm really going to need to step up my game.


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Mighty No. 9 kickstarter entering its final 24 hours
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 01:00 PM
By Tim Sheehy from Japanator:
I've done my best to avoid mentioning the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter campaign here on Japanator, but it's become way too hard to ignore. To be honest, I haven't done so out of spite. I've just felt the project never needed our help to get off the ground. After all, they made their initial funding goal before I even knew the project existed -- quite a feat considering they're constantly e-mailing us with project updates. Nevertheless, I'm anxiously looking forward to playing a copy when all is said and done.

To give us an idea of just how popular the project has become, its developer comcept USA has released a nifty little infographic detailing their progress leading up to today. Looking at the numbers, and they're really impressive, fans have managed to raise over three million dollars. That's almost %350 of their initial funding goal, and they're still asking people to contribute. Totally insane, right? Well, not entirely. They plan on using the extra income to fund ports for next-gen systems and handhelds -- a reasonable goal, especially with current gen consoles set to bow out gracefully. The game is already scheduled to hit PC, Mac, Linux, and current gen systems such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by 2015.

If you still want to contribute to the project, you can head over to their Kickstarter page by clicking here, although the project will only be open for donations for the next 24 hours.


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Attack on Minecraft: Shiganshina District recreated
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 12:00 PM
By Chris Walden from Japanator:

This certainly isn't the first incredibly extravagant recreation to grace the cubic world of Minecraft, but it sure is up there with how stunning it is. This isn't just a bunch of fans recreating a key scene, but rather an attempt to recreate an entire district, namely the Shiganshina District that was ravaged so early on in the show.

You know, I love just how beautiful this looks in all its glory. Sure, the post-processing and scenes from the anime adds to the video, but just seeing the District at a distance rendered with those deceptively minimalist cubes makes me really happy, you know? Who said video games aren't art!

So, what's the next step for this project? Reconstructing more of the world behind the walls? Hopefully it involves something along the lines of releasing the map to the public, then installing all of the Attack on Titan mods that are available. Check out a video of some of the currently available mods after the jump.

[Thanks Lucas!]


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Idea factory teams with Disgaea director for new Vita RPG
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 11:00 AM
By Tim Sheehy from Japanator:
This is certainly exciting news for all you RPG-loving Vita owners out there. Disgaea 4 director Masahiro Yamamoto will be teaming up with Trinity Universe developer Idea Factory for a brand new Vita-exclusive RPG, to be published by Compile Heart in 2014. Aside from the teaser image included above, no other details have yet to be revealed. While we're not entirely sure whether or not the title will even be localized at this point, Yamamoto's involvement gives us hope that someone, be it NIS America, or XSEED, will see the value in bringing the title overseas.

It's fair to note that Idea Factory's recent series of Amnesia visual novels have yet to be localized.

[Idea Factory via Gematsu]

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JapanaTerror 002: Fuan no Tane
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 09:00 AM
By Brittany Vincent from Japanator:
When the landscape of western horror simply isn't extreme enough for you, you need another way to satisfy your cravings. Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers may be enough to terrify the masses, but you're looking for something a little more exotic, right? Lucky for you, the land that brought you your favorite anime series is rife with decidedly more disturbing offerings. We bring you JapanaTerror, a weekly rendezvous with the disgusting and the depraved. Whether it's anime, manga, film, or a novel, you'll find something of value to disturb and delight. We'll cover everything, from bizarre body horror to the craziest thrill rides we can find. Pull those covers tight and lock the doors, because you're about to be haunted.


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New Ar no Surge details and screenshots emerge
Posted by News Fetcher on September 30 '13 at 06:00 AM
By Elliot Gay from Japanator:
Japanese game developer Gust has been very busy these days. Between their upcoming Vita title, New Atelier Rorona, and finishing up Ciel no Surge, I can't help but be impressed.

Yet here they are, making yet another game. New images of Ar no Surge, their new PS3 RPG, have surfaced courtesy of 4Gamer, and I'm certainly intrigued. The main character Delta is a lot more grizzled looking than I expect from Gust games. The other protagonist, a silent robot named Arshes, is one big question mark.

Ar no Surge will have a zapping mechanic via which players can jump between these two characters throughout the game. I'm curious as to whether or not this will be an open system, or whether it'll only let you do it at specific points in the story.

In any case, check out the screenshots and art below and let us know what you think.

[via 4Gamer]


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Annotated Anime: Summer 2013 Week 13
Posted by News Fetcher on September 29 '13 at 05:30 PM
By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:
Hello, and welcome to the extra-light edition of Annotated Anime, and the last week we'll be working in the current format!

Big changes are afoot here at Japanator Tower, particularly the ones being cooked up in our special Underground Recap Dungeon Lab! Look forward to a new format for your favorite Japanese cartoon recaps this fall!

In the meantime, almost everyone's working on their Final Impressions pieces for the shows of summer, so all we've got for you this week is a healthy dose of Uchouten Kazoku, and a mysterious helping of Danganronpa, both courtesy of recapper extraordinaire Brittany Vincent! Fall's a-coming, folks, so get yourselves ready!


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Daily Lives of High School Boys film looks silly
Posted by News Fetcher on September 29 '13 at 03:00 PM
By Karen Mead from Japanator:

I really enjoyed Daily Lives of High School Boys, but I have to admit, it wasn't exactly a series that seemed like it was crying out for a live action adaptation. That said, this trailer for the upcoming film (due to hit Japanese theaters October 12th) looks promising. The boys seem to spend plenty of time crossdressing and hiding from those scary-as-hell girls, meaning it's probably pretty faithful to the anime; I think about 50% of that show was about running in terror from girls. To be be fair, all the females on Daily Lives were basically inhuman monsters who needed to be set on fire taught some basic courtesy...except for Literature Girl, who was perfect in every way.

My one concern is the same one that Josh had when we first covered this back in April: the one thing Daily Lives did really well was brutally satirize some of the most popular trends in anime from the past five years, and I don't know how well that's going to translate into live action. It will probably succeed at being goofy, check-your-brain-at-the-door fun, but I don't know if things like the persistent skewering of the likes of K-ON!! is really going to work. They could just leave that all out of the movie, but um...that was the other 50% of the show. Really, the satire was the main draw (and Literature Girl.)

Check out this music video preview; naturally it's all in Japanese, but you can be sure that most of what the dude is singing boils down to "High School boys are totally useless wastes of space." I choose to believe he is also saying "Literature Girl is awesome," and I refuse to let anyone who knows more Japanese than I do correct me on this one. Shut up, reality.

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Watch this Space Dandy music video
Posted by News Fetcher on September 29 '13 at 01:00 PM
By Ben Huber from Japanator:

Are you excited for Space Dandy? I am, but maybe I have a bit of a crush on all of Shinichiro Watanabe's work. Sadly, it doesn't start until January, so I still have a whole season of anime to wait through. Luckily a music video has been released for Yasuyuki Okamura's song, Viva Namida, featuring animation not only for the show, but also original work for the music video itself. This song will be the OP for Space Dandy and I gotta say, it's pretty catchy.

Those are some groovy beats and equally groovy moves that the animated version of Okamura has (is it just me, or does he look a bit like Dale North?).You can also catch quite a few glimpses of short clips that haven't been seen elsewhere yet. I'm very interested to see if the OP itself uses the stylings in the music video or goes its own route.

Space Dandy will be starting early next year, and is a retro-styled sci-fi comedy from Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo creator Shinichiro Watanabe. If you haven't been catching the news, watch the initial PV here and check out our previous coverage of the reveal on the right-hand sidebar!

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Demon Master Chris now available for preorder
Posted by News Fetcher on September 29 '13 at 11:00 AM
By Karen Mead from Japanator:
These hentai dungeon crawlers have actually come a long way. Back in the day, say 2008, the games were pretty bare-bones affairs where an incredibly shallow battle system was propped up by sexy artwork. Demon Master Chris, due out this Halloween from new developer Nyaatrap, actually requires some strategy from the player as you navigate your way through dungeons filled with cute female monsters who keep losing all their clothes for some strange reason.
Now, I know what you're thinking. "Karen, you're a straight, married female. The hell do you know about yuri dungeon crawlers? You are so not the target audience for this." Guys, I love dungeon crawlers unconditionally, so much so I have actually been known to check out the hentai variety just to see what the mechanics are like. You doubt me? I'll have you know that I am quoted on the Wikipedia page for Lightning Warrior Raidy! Yeah! Um, I'm not necessarily proud of that, but I may as well own it, right?


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Shonen Showdown 9-29-2013
Posted by News Fetcher on September 29 '13 at 07:00 AM
By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:
Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Shonen Showdown, your weekly look at the fights that determine the fate of the world! And like a giant burning fox-dude and his other giant burning friend, we stand together, come what may!

Today's dose of burning spirit and brotherly fervor comes to you courtesy of the latest from Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and Bleach!


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Aniplex to release Blue Exorcist The Movie on Blu-ray
Posted by News Fetcher on September 28 '13 at 07:00 PM
By Kristina Pino from Japanator:
Aniplex have just announced that Blue Exorcist The Movie is not only coming to home video, but you'll be able to enjoy it in glorious Blu-ray format if you choose to buy the limited box set edition. It includes the film in both English and Japanese, commentary tracks (by its Japanese director and various voice staff), staff interviews, a book, and postcards, all packed together nicely in a pretty box designed by the original manga artist. As with the regular series release (reviewed), the wraps around the disc cases will also be two-sided.

Starting Monday, September 30th, you'll be able to pre-order this at Right Stuf for US$89.98. If you don't care about quality much, you could also just purchase the DVD (US$39.98). The film is slated to be released December 17th.

Blue Exorcist The Movie takes place sometime during Rin's training when a festival comes up that only occurs once every 11 years. While everyone is preparing for that, as well as fixing up the demon barriers around town, a phantom train goes nutso and who else but Rin and the gang get sent to go exorcise it? Of course, things don't go as planned.

Check out the official Blue Exorcist The Movie website for more information. Also, you can check out the full promo image (header, cropped) in the gallery.


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Go West! Week Fifty-Four: The Legend of Heroes
Posted by News Fetcher on September 28 '13 at 01:00 PM
By Elliot Gay from Japanator:
Long time no read, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome back to the one and only Go West!, your [not-at-all] weekly column about Japanese import games and the geniuses at Idea Factory.

I know, it's been nearly two months since GW! 53 went live, and for that I apologize. August and September are extremely busy times of the year here in Japan, and it meant that Go West! had to go into hibernation for a little while.

I'm back now, and I'm here to stay... probably. While you question the truth behind that statement, let's talk about the new releases of the week, shall we?

Time to dance!


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Sentai Filmworks licenses the original Casshan
Posted by News Fetcher on September 28 '13 at 12:00 PM
By Ben Huber from Japanator:
Casshan has returned! The original 1973 anime series, from famed Tatsunoko Productions, will be arriving here in the US on both DVD & Blu-ray in 2014, as well as a "select digital outlets" this year. That means you'll finally be able to own this classic series on Blu-ray! Also, if I'm not mistaken, this is also the first time the series is on Blu-ray at all, so I'll be interested in seeing how the transfer is. Sentai Filmworks has a deal with Tatsunoko to bring over more of their titles, so I'm excited to see how things turn out.

If you're not up on Casshan, here's a little refresher: the 1973 series was made by Tatsuo Yoshida, the badass who founded Tatsunoko. He also made such classics as Speed Racer, Gatchaman, and Tekkaman: The Space Knight. Casshan follows the titular character, who is a human consciousness placed into an android body. He then hunts down the robots that have taken over the world and works to avenge his father along with his robotic dog, Friender. Many of you have probably seen the Madhouse reboot called Casshern Sins, which was also excellent.

I'm glad to see these classics see new light here on western shores. Are any of you excited to see Casshan arrive here? Will we ever decide how to romanize his or Friender's name? Or is there a Tatsunoko show you'd rather see? Sound off in the comments!

[Press Release]

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Japanator Arena: Gene Starwind vs Vash the Stampede
Posted by News Fetcher on September 28 '13 at 09:00 AM
By Salvador G-Rodiles from Japanator:
*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

Well, what can I say? You can't mess with Jack Frost, and Blaze the Cat's flames were not enough to melt the ice. Since this Jack Frost was fused to resist fire, our ‘Hee-Ho’ shouting fairy only had to use only one Bufu spell to put out Blaze's fire. Jack Frost wins! (14 > 1)

Lots of guns have been blazing this week, so I have decided to go with another battle two iconic heroes that wield a firearm with special properties. However, the real credit goes to Baron Von Vogl for coming up with this match up when we were hanging out. But anyways, let's introduce our fighters!

He's traveled across the far ends of the galaxy to find the Galactic Leyline with the Outlaw Star, and he is now ready to test his Caster Shells in what might be his most challenging battle yet! Since he managed to come across some new Shells, Gene Starwind is ready to test them out!

Sixty Billion Double Dollars is a lot of money when you do the math. Despite the huge bounty, Vash the Stampede doesn’t look like a wanted criminal. However, his gunman skills and his love for doughnuts are a force to be reckoned with, so he won’t be holding back this time around.

Both fighters wield special firearms, so this battle will be based on the way how each fighter uses their weapons. Your votes and persuasion skills will act as the real bullets in settling this showdown. Make sure that you add a +1 to the person that you side with, since it well let us keep tabs on the bullets fired in combat. Gene and Vash will fight from today till Thursday, so do your best to vote on time. Once the battle comes to a complete end, you can drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins. Before the guns go off, I recommend that you head to your seats as soon as possible.

*ding, ding, ding*

Begin the Showdown!

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Falcom Gakuen to receive anime adaptation
Posted by News Fetcher on September 28 '13 at 07:00 AM
By Elliot Gay from Japanator:
Japanese game studio Nihon Falcom (Ys, Trails in the Sky) confirmed on Friday that an anime adaptation of their Falcom Gakuen 4-koma manga is in the works.

What exactly is Falcom Gakuen, you ask? It's a gag series that combines characters from Falcom's various games into one universe, where wacky hijinks ensue. It's super goofy, cute, and a whole lot of light hearted fun.

Save for the announcement itself, we have zero details on the project and what form it will take. Given the source material, I'm imagining some kind of OAD or OVA release. There's not really enough material or a large enough audience for a full blown TV series.

As a huge Falcom fan, I can't begin to describe how excited I am to see characters like Ys' Adol and Trails in the Sky's Estelle interact with one another onscreen. Hopefully we'll see more details in the coming weeks.

[via Hachima]

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