I don't have a lot of experiece with C++ yet, just two semesters of college classes. However, with my years of coding experience, I caught on very quickly, receiving the highest grade in class both semesters.

For my final project first semester, I made a video game tech demo. Most of the class made things along the lines of a console-window choose-your-own adventure type story, but I wanted to take something a step further. I knew I wanted to use graphics and have gamepad support, so I did some research and found the SFML library (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library). I set it up on my development computer, familiarized myself with it, and made a tech demo loosely based on Capcom's Mega Man franchise.

I took the character sprites from Capcom's Mega Man X4, and then made a large number of modifications and animated them. The background is just something I put together quickly, and the music was by chiptunes artist RoccoW, and used with his permission.

Making this was a lot of fun, and is something I will definitely be working on in the future in my free time. My first goals with it are to make an interactive environment, with slopes and objects to jump on. I'd also like to find a sprite artist to work with, and replace all the graphics in it with something more original.

If you'd like to look at it, you can download the tech demo below and unzip it to any folder.

Keyboard Controls:
Left arrow: Run left
Right arrow: Run right
Up arrow: Jump
Down arrow: Dash
Attack: A
Esc: Close the game