NeoRamen was a comission job for an online comic strip and fan-community for that comic. It was up and running from 2007-2009. While I didn't design the visual appearance of the site, I was simply sent a picture of what it should look like and took it from there.

Some of the user-facing features include...
- Browsable archive of comic strips
- The ability to leave comments underneath each strip
- Full eatured forums, including polls
- Customizable user profiles, including image avatars and more

In addition to those, there is an area of the site only accessible to admin-flagged accounts, where select users have a full suite of tools to update and moderate the site.
I've created two accounts there for you to test it out with. You can use either of the following logins to see what both users and admin are able to do there.
Login: Test User & & & Password: tupassword9
Login: Test Admin & & & Password: tapassword9