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Playing for Disney

Coach Denim

TeamID: 2Representing Denimtopia
Rogue Mr. Fantastic Spider-Man
(Peter Parker)

Coach Lee

TeamID: 4Representing Motunui
Maui Iron Man Scrooge McDuck

Coach Jason Knize

TeamID: 6Representing South-Side Wakanda
Black Panther
Darth Vader Frozone

Coach Cat

TeamID: 8Representing The Hearts Kingdom
Sora Minnie Mouse
(Kingdom Hearts)
Donald Duck
(Kingdom Hearts)

Coach Jeremiah Vetter

TeamID: 11Representing The Hoth System
Goofy Snow Job Air Bud

Playing for Warner Bros

Coach Kelly Harrass

TeamID: 1Representing The Center of the Earth
Batman Bugs Bunny Michael Jordan

Coach JuggaloJohn

TeamID: 3Representing Sweden
Brock Samson Yakko Warner Impulse
(Bart Allen)

Coach Matt (shark)

TeamID: 5Representing The Bushwood Country Club
Race Bannon Jon Snow Albus Dumbledore

Coach Jowang

TeamID: 7Representing The flip side of the coin
Evil Superman
(Superman 3)
Lord Voldemort The Red Death
(Earth -52)

Coach Kefeinzel

TeamID: 9Representing Arstotzka
Captain Planet Max Rockatansky Kwai Chang Caine

Coach Jose

TeamID: 10Representing Zion
Neo Trinity Sub-Zero
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