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By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
With the original comic we did, correctly entitled “Fan Fiction,” I only polished up what Gabriel had written. What I call polishing up might not be what you call polishing up. I would never say what I wrote and what he did, because it would diminish the honor which should rightly accrue to him. It wouldn’t exist at all if he hadn’t been the crazypants Destiny addict that he is; I just wanted to help. When I wrote the new ones, I did it for him.

I am still a very new fan, but the Grimoire cards are the main way I hook into the game and I made them my psychic diet. My primary goal was to make people feel like their class is cool. But I also wanted to poke around in the lore and see if there was anything I could put in that would stick. Like Master Rahool palming your engrams, let’s say. Or - and this might be my favorite - that a Titan, even in that armor, gets the shit kicked out of them in there. You take off the armor and it’s like you were in a bar fight. It was a tremendous pleasure to write these and I hope they are of use to you when you’re playing.