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Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
Posted by News Fetcher on December 19 '14 at 03:45 AM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's crossing-the-line department:
SternisheFan notes that Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing Colorado over marijuana legalization. The attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, arguing state-legalized marijuana from Colorado is improperly spilling across state lines. The suit invokes the federal government's right to regulate both drugs and interstate commerce, and says Colorado's decision to legalize marijuana has been "particularly burdensome" to police agencies on the other side of the state line. In June, USA TODAY highlighted the flow of marijuana from Colorado into small towns across Nebraska: felony drug arrests in Chappell, Neb., just 7 miles north of the Colorado border have skyrocketed 400% in three years. "In passing and enforcing Amendment 64, the state of Colorado has created a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system enacted by the United States Congress. Marijuana flows from this gap into neighboring states, undermining plaintiff states' own marijuana bans, draining their treasuries, and placing stress on their criminal justice systems," says the lawsuit. "The Constitution and the federal anti-drug laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local pro-drug policies and licensed distribution schemes throughout the country which conflict with federal laws."

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's look-what-we-found department:
astroengine writes NASA's Kepler space telescope has detected its first new extrasolar planet after mission engineers were able to save the mission from a premature death after two of the exoplanet hunter's four stabilizing reaction wheels failed last year. Called "K2," the extended mission arose from an "innovative idea" that appears to have given the prolific telescope a new lease on life. "Last summer, the possibility of a scientifically productive mission for Kepler after its reaction wheel failure in its extended mission was not part of the conversation," said Paul Hertz, NASA's astrophysics division director at the agency's headquarters in Washington D.C. "Today, thanks to an innovative idea and lots of hard work by the NASA and Ball Aerospace team, Kepler may well deliver the first candidates for follow-up study by the James Webb Space Telescope to characterize the atmospheres of distant worlds and search for signatures of life."

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By SilverOptimus from TFW2005:
Transformers: Robots In Disguise Mobile Game is now released for iOS and Android. Depending on your region, it might take a while for the game to be available on your regional App Store.

The game is an Action Adventure Beat 'em up, judging by the gameplay. You can check out the detailed description of the game and Download Links, after the jump.

The game features new characters for the show including both Autobots and Decepticons.

Touch Games You Tube channel has uploaded a Gameplay Trailer for the Transformers: Robots In Disguise Mobile Game as well. Check it out below:

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's if-it-aint-broke department:
Molly McHugh writes When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, and I owned a BlackBerry Curve. To me, my BlackBerry was close to being the absolute perfect smartphone. Today, BlackBerry revealed the Classic, a phone that is designed to make me—and everyone who owned a BlackBerry before the touchscreen revolution—remember how much we loved them.

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Blind Trials
Posted by News Fetcher on December 19 '14 at 12:15 AM
From XKCD:

Plus, you have to control for the fact that some people are into being blindfolded.

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FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate
Posted by News Fetcher on December 18 '14 at 09:45 PM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's looking-into-it department:
v3rgEz writes In a terse form letter responding to a FOIA request, the FBI has confirmed it has an open investigation into Gamergate, the loose but controversial coalition of gamers calling for ethics in gaming journalism — even as some members have harassed and sent death threats to female gaming developers and critics.

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By Salvador GRodiles from Japanator:
Man. I don't know about you, but there seems to be a lot of ninjas entering the new year all of a sudden. Thankfully, a majority of them happen to be good, so there's a good chance that the shadow assassins won't burn people out when 2015 enters the scene.

Anyway, the gang at Garage Hero have announced that they are staring production on Hayate: Asakusa's Ninja Hero during mid February. Not only that, the staff for the series has been revealed, with Satoshi Imai (Chousei Kantai Sazer-X's Writer, Fool Japan: The ABCs of Tetsudon's Doll short's Director and Writer) acting as the indie toku webseries' Director and Writer. Then we have Bueno (Yakuzambie's Director, Gun Caliber's Director, Action Director, and Main Hero) as the show's Action Director, which means that we're in for some great ninja action scenes that are treated with great love and care.

Interestingly, Keisaku Kimura and Aimi Sekiguchi are going to play as Hayate's main adversaries. Since the two actors did a fantastic job in Yakuzambie, I'm certain that they'll bring us some nice campy moments and fight sequences. While Hayate is only going to run for six episodes, there's a good chance that it'll still be a fun show that will bring hope to the children who live in Tokyo's Asakusa district. In the meantime, I'll patiently wait until the day that the series makes its debut online.

< article continued at Japanator >

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Satellite Captures Glowing Plants From Space
Posted by News Fetcher on December 18 '14 at 07:15 PM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's getting-that-glow department:
sciencehabit writes About 1% of the light that strikes plants is re-emitted as a faint, fluorescent glow—a measure of photosynthetic activity. Today, scientists released a map of this glow as measured by the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, a NASA satellite launched in July with the goal of mapping the net amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The map reveals that tropical rainforests near the equator are actively sucking up carbon, while the Corn Belt in the eastern United States, near the end of its growing season, is also a sink. Higher resolution fluorescence mapping could one day be used to help assess crop yields and how they respond to drought and heat in a changing climate.

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's HR-needs-to-be-better department:
mrspoonsi writes with the findings of an investigation into working conditions at a factory that makes Apple products. Poor treatment of workers in Chinese factories which make Apple products has been discovered by an undercover BBC Panorama investigation. Filming on an iPhone 6 production line showed Apple's promises to protect workers were routinely broken. It found standards on workers' hours, ID cards, dormitories, work meetings and juvenile workers were being breached at the Pegatron factories. Apple said it strongly disagreed with the programme's conclusions. Exhausted workers were filmed falling asleep on their 12-hour shifts at the Pegatron factories on the outskirts of Shanghai. One undercover reporter, working in a factory making parts for Apple computers, had to work 18 days in a row despite repeated requests for a day off. Another reporter, whose longest shift was 16 hours, said: "Every time I got back to the dormitories, I wouldn't want to move. Even if I was hungry I wouldn't want to get up to eat. I just wanted to lie down and rest. I was unable to sleep at night because of the stress."

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Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced
Posted by News Fetcher on December 18 '14 at 04:30 PM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's protect-ya-neck department:
An anonymous reader writes Github has announced a security vulnerability and has encourage users to update their Git clients as soon as possible. The blog post reads in part: "A critical Git security vulnerability has been announced today, affecting all versions of the official Git client and all related software that interacts with Git repositories, including GitHub for Windows and GitHub for Mac. Because this is a client-side only vulnerability, and GitHub Enterprise are not directly affected. The vulnerability concerns Git and Git-compatible clients that access Git repositories in a case-insensitive or case-normalizing filesystem. An attacker can craft a malicious Git tree that will cause Git to overwrite its own .git/config file when cloning or checking out a repository, leading to arbitrary command execution in the client machine. Git clients running on OS X (HFS+) or any version of Microsoft Windows (NTFS, FAT) are exploitable through this vulnerability. Linux clients are not affected if they run in a case-sensitive filesystem....Updated versions of GitHub for Windows and GitHub for Mac are available for immediate download, and both contain the security fix on the Desktop application itself and on the bundled version of the Git command-line client."

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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
Mark Wahlberg, who played the inventor Cade Yeager in this summer's Transformers: Age of Extinction, was talking to MTV and one of the things which he was asked concerned the future of the Transformers franchise. His response was as follows:

"Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more... you know I can’t speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we’ll be on the set soon."

By all accounts it sounds like we might see Cade Yeager make a return for at least one, maybe two more Transformers movies going forward!

Check out the video clip where this was discussed below:

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Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles
Posted by News Fetcher on December 18 '14 at 03:45 PM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's best-laid-plans department:
schnell writes The New York Times Magazine has an in-depth profile of Marissa Mayer's time at the helm of Yahoo!, detailing her bold plans to reinvent the company and spark a Jobs-ian turnaround through building great new products. But some investors are saying that her product focus (to the point of micromanaging) hasn't generated results, and that the company should give up on trying to create the next iPod, merge with AOL to cut costs and focus on the unglamorous core business that it has. Is it time for Yahoo! to "grow up" and set its sights lower?

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Ars Reviews Skype Translator
Posted by News Fetcher on December 18 '14 at 03:00 PM
By timothy from Slashdot's in-the-future-everyone-will-have-been-in-the-past department:
Esra Erimez writes Peter Bright doesn't speak a word of Spanish but with Skype Translator he was able to have a spoken conversation with a Spanish speaker as if he was in an episode of Star Trek. He spoke English. A moment later, an English language transcription would appear, along with a Spanish translation. Then a Spanish voice would read that translation.

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Extracting Data From the Microsoft Band
Posted by News Fetcher on December 18 '14 at 02:45 PM
By timothy from Slashdot's buncha-freeloaders department:
An anonymous reader writes The Microsoft Band, introduced last month, hosts a slew of amazing sensors, but like so many wearable computing devices, users are unable to access their own data. A Brown University professor decompiles the app, finds that the data is transmitted to the Microsoft "cloud", and explains how to intercept the traffic to retrieve the raw minute-by-minute data captured by the Band.

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By timothy from Slashdot's meet-your-new-program-director department:
Slate reports that even old movies are enough to trigger a pretty strong knee jerk: Team America, World Police , selected as a tongue-in-cheek replacement by Dallas's Alamo Drafthouse Theater for the Sony-yanked The Interview after that film drew too much heat following the recent Sony hack, has also been pulled. The theater's tweet, as reprinted by Slate: “due to circumstances beyond our control,” their Dec. 27 Team America screening has also been canceled." If only I had a copy, I'd like to host a viewing party here in Austin for The Interview, which I want to see now more than ever. (And it would be a fitting venue.)

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