Upcoming OS/2 Release Will Be Called ArcaOS 5.0
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 11:52 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's 15-year-update-cycle department:
At the annual convention of OS/2 users, Arca Noae announced their new OS/2-OEM distribution will be released in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the project, codenamed "Blue Lion", will officially be called ArcaOS 5.0. "The significance of the version number relates to IBM OS/2 4.52 -- the last maintenance release of the platform released by IBM in 2001," reports TechRepublic. martiniturbide writes: The article discusses the features of ArcaOS like USB bootable installer, USB (1.1 and 2) , ACPI, AHCI, and network card drivers, new OS installer, etc. It will be sold in two editions: ArcaOS Commercial Edition [with 12 months of priority support and updates] and ArcaOS Personal Edition...
Anyone have fond members of OS/2? Are there any Slashdot readers who are still using it?

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That North Korean Facebook Clone Has Already Been Hacked
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 07:33 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's suggested-posts department:
Remember yesterday's story about an off-the-shelf Facebook clone in North Korea? Within a few hours that site was hacked by an 18-year-old college student in Scotland.
An anonymous reader writes:
Using the default credentials, Andrew McKean posted "Uh, I didn't create this site just found the login" in the site's box for Sponsored links. "McKean was able to become an admin for the site just by clicking on the 'Admin' link at the bottom of the site and guessing the username and password," writes Motherboard, which adds that the password was "password". McKean says the breach "was easy enough," and granted him the ability to "delete and suspend users, change the site's name, censor certain words and manage the eventual ads, and see everyone's emails." The teenager said he had "no plans" for the compromised site -- except possibly redirecting it to an anti-North Korean page.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: I'd Require All Children To Start Coding In 4th Grade
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 06:11 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's A,-B-C++ department:
This week Apple CEO Tim Cook argued at Startup Fest Europe that coding should be a 'second language' taught to all children. theodp shares two quotes from a YouTube video. "We fundamentally believe that coding is a language and that just like other languages are required in school, coding should be required in school," Cook stated. "I do think coding is as important-- if not more important -- as the second language that most people learn in today's world," Cook later added... "I would go in and make coding a requirement starting at the fourth or fifth grade, and I would build on that year after year after year...I think we're doing our kids a disservice if we're not teaching them and introducing them in that way." Meanwhile, The Hill reported this week that The Computer Science Education Coalition -- which includes Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and dozens of other companies -- hired a fourth "advocacy firm" that specializes in "mobilizing groups of people to influence outcomes...to help convince policymakers to provide money to computer science education for grades K-12," and they're seeking an initial investment of $250 million. I'd be curious to hear what Slashdot readers think about government funding of grade school coding classes.

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New Titans Return Deluxe Mindwipe, Wolfwire, Chromedome, & Highbrow Stock Images
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 04:34 PM
By Mechafire from TFW2005:

Continuing our Titans Return news today, TFW2005’s Nevermore has dropped by to let us know that UK distributor A.B. Gee has updated with new stock images of Deluxe Mindwipe and Wirewolf in their robot modes (and collector cards), along with Chromedome and Highbrow in their vehicle modes. We’ve attached the pics to this news post – you can check them out after the jump!

The post New Titans Return Deluxe Mindwipe, Wolfwire, Chromedome, & Highbrow Stock Images appeared first on Transformer World 2005 - TFW2005.COM.

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Op-ed: Oracle Attorney Says Google's Court Victory Might Kill the GPL
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 03:32 PM
By manishs from Slashdot's the-other-side-of-the-coin department:
Annette Hurst, an attorney at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe who represented Oracle in the recent Oracle v. Google trial, has written an opinion piece for Ars Technica in which he urges developers and creators to not celebrate Google's win in the hard-fought copyright case as the decision -- if remains intact -- is poised to make them "suffer" everywhere and also the free software movement itself "now faces substantial jeopardy." As you're aware, in a verdict earlier this week, a federal court announced that Google's Android operating system didn't infringe on Oracle-owned copyrights because its re-implementation of 37 Java APIs is protected by "fair use." Hurst writes: No business trying to commercialize software with any element of open software can afford to ignore this verdict. Dual licensing models are very common and have long depended upon a delicate balance between free use and commercial use. Royalties from licensed commercial exploitation fuel continued development and innovation of an open and free option. The balance depends upon adherence to the license restrictions in the open and free option. This jury's verdict suggests that such restrictions are now meaningless, since disregarding them is simply a matter of claiming "fair use." It is hard to see how GPL can survive such a result. In fact, it is hard to see how ownership of a copy of any software protected by copyright can survive this result. Software businesses now must accelerate their move to the cloud where everything can be controlled as a service rather than software. Consumers can expect to find decreasing options to own anything for themselves, decreasing options to control their data, decreasing options to protect their privacy.

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Is Facebook Sabotaging A Face-Recognition Law?
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 03:32 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's big-plans-for-the-weekend department:
"You know something's up when politicians bring up a bill out of nowhere, and then try to ram it through over Memorial Day weekend," writes Fortune. "That's what's happening in Illinois, where state lawmakers -- allegedly at the behest of Facebook and Google -- are poised to gut a law that limits the use of facial recognition technology."
An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this month a judge refused to throw out a class action complaint against Facebook for using facial recognition software to identify people without their permission and then inviting their friends to "tag" them. Now that suit's lawyer says a so-called "Biometric Information Privacy Act" will actually swap in new definitions for "photograph" and "scan" that will apparently shield Facebook and Google from liability.

The Center for Democracy and Technology called the bill "an unnecessary loss of privacy." Google didn't respond to Fortune's request for a comment, and Facebook said only "We appreciate Senator Link's effort to clarify the scope of the law he authored."

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Ask Slashdot: What Books Should An Aspiring Coder Read?
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 02:13 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's Memorial-Day-weekend department:
Earlier this month Bill Gates released his summer reading list, which included Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson and mathematician Jordan Ellenberg's book How Not to be Wrong. Now an anonymous Slashdot reader asks for your book recommendations.
I've been trying to learn more about coding, but I need a break sometimes from technical documentation and O'Reilly books. Are there any good books that can provide some good general context and maybe teach me about our place in the history of technology or the state of the programming profession today?
In the U.S., Memorial Day is considered the "unofficial" first weekend of summer -- so what should be on this geek's summer reading list? Cracking the Coding Interview? Godel, Escher, Bach? This year's Nebula award winners? George Takei's The Internet Strikes Back? Leave your suggestions in the comments. What books should an aspiring coder be reading?

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Strong Style: G1 is here!
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 01:59 PM
By Soul Tsukino from Japanator:
Hello and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV.

Welp, after a month-long break we are back with the big G1 Climax tournament. If you read my primer last week then you know what is going on. If you didn't, go take a look before reading on and all of this will make a lot more sense.

Tonight we start off the tournament coverage with Block A matches from July 20, 2015, from the Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center in Hokkaido Kitaeru.


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NetBSD 7.0.1 Released
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 01:05 PM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's Unix-like-operating-systems department:
New submitter fisted writes: The NetBSD Project is pleased to announce NetBSD 7.0.1, the first security/bugfix update of the NetBSD 7.0 release branch. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons... For more details, please see the release notes at netbsd.org/releases. Complete source and binaries for NetBSD are available for download at many sites around the world. A list of download sites providing FTP, AnonCVS, SUP, and other services may be found at netbsd.org/mirrors/
This release addresses three security advisories, and includes six more security fixes -- all courtesy of a non-profit organization with no commercial backing.

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California Mayors Demand Surveillance Cams On Crime-Ridden Highways
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 01:05 PM
By manishs from Slashdot's improved-security department:
An anonymous reader shares an Ars Technica report: The 28 shootings along a 10-mile stretch of San Francisco-area highway over the past six months have led mayors of the adjacent cities to declare that these "murderous activities" have reached "crisis proportions." Four people have been killed and dozens injured. These five mayors want California Gov. Jerry Brown to fund surveillance cameras along all the on and off ramps of Interstate 80 and Highway 4 along the cities of El Cerrito, Hercules, Richmond, San Pablo, and Pinole.

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Mario Galaxy - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Egoraptor of Game Grumps
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 12:16 PM
By DidYouKnowGaming? from DidYouKnowGaming?:

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Dictator Of Facebook Nation; There's No Democracy Online: The Pirate Bay Founder
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 11:35 AM
By manishs from Slashdot's the-other-internet department:
Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is the "dictator" of "the biggest nation in the world," says Peter Sunde, co-founder of the controversial website The Pirate Bay. Sunde, who appeared at The Next Web conference on Friday, added that there is "no democracy" online. From a CNBC report: "People in the tech industry have a lot of responsibilities but they never really discuss these things... Facebook is the biggest nation in the world and we have a dictator, if you look at it from a democracy standpoint, Mark Zuckerberg is a dictator. I did not elect him. He sets the rules," Sunde said. "And really you can't opt out of Facebook. I'm not on Facebook but there are a lot of drawbacks in my offline world. No party invitations, no updates from my friends, people stop talking to you, because you're not on Facebook. So it has real life implications."

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Hasbro Taiwan Transformers Titans Return Toy Experience Event
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 11:13 AM
By C310 Ginrai from TFW2005:

Hasbro Taiwan, in collaboration with Taiwanese Transformers forum T.F.N.D., held an event allowing fans to test out figures from the upcoming Transformers Titans Return toyline. Figures present at the event includes Leader class Powermaster Optimus Prime and Blaster, Voyager Sentinel Prime and Galvatron, Deluxe class Blurr, Scourge, Hardhead, and Skullsmasher, Titanmaster Terribull, Nightbeat, Crashbash, Loudmouth, as well as Titan class Fortress Maximus. We also see the SDCC Exclusive set consisting of a recolored Robot in Disguise Warrior class Windblade, Delxue class Brainstorm, and an alternate color Voyager class Sentinel Prime. As a bonus, there are close-ups of the blind box » Continue Reading.

The post Hasbro Taiwan Transformers Titans Return Toy Experience Event appeared first on Transformer World 2005 - TFW2005.COM.

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Controversial Surveillance Firm Blue Coat Was Granted a Powerful Encryption Certificate
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 10:10 AM
By manishs from Slashdot's talk-of-the-town department:
Joseph Cox, reporting for Motherboard (edited for clarity): A controversial surveillance company called Blue Coat Systems -- whose products have been detected in Iran and Sudan -- was recently issued a powerful encryption certificate by Symantec. The certificate, and the authority that comes with it, could allow Blue Coat Systems to more easily snoop on encrypted traffic. But Symantec downplayed concern from the security community. Blue Coat, which sells web-monitoring software, was granted the power in September last year, but it was only widely noticed this week. The company's devices are used by both government and commercial customers for keeping tabs on networks or conducting surveillance. In Syria, the technology has been used to censor web sites and monitor the communications of dissidents, activists and journalists.Blue Coat assures that it is not going to utilize the certificates to snoop on us. The Register reports: We asked Blue Coat how it planned to use its new powers -- and we were assured that its intermediate certificate was only used for internal testing and that the certificate is no longer in use. "Symantec has reviewed the intermediate CA issued to Blue Coat and determined it was used appropriately," the two firms said in a statement. "Consistent with their protocols, Symantec maintained full control of the private key and Blue Coat never had access to it. Blue Coat has confirmed it was used for internal testing and has since been discontinued. Therefore, rumors of misuse are unfounded."

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Combiner Wars Deluxe Combaticons Spotted at UK Retail
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 09:50 AM
By onslaught24 from TFW2005:

Some good news for UK collectors today, as boards member Master Disaster has spotted the Combiner Wars Wave 5 deluxe Combaticons at a Smyth’s toy store in Newport, Wales! It’s been nearly half a year since the US release, but at last UK retail provides fans with the deluxe limbs for CW Bruticus for approximately¬†¬£15.99. Check out the thread for your area in the sightings forum for more Transformers sightings at retail, keep your eyes peeled, and happy hunting, TFW!

The post Combiner Wars Deluxe Combaticons Spotted at UK Retail appeared first on Transformer World 2005 - TFW2005.COM.

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Week Ender - Super Sentai Edition
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 09:50 AM
By Red Veron from Japanator:
There is nothing more 70's than Super Sentai and to this day, it still feels like a product of its time. You still have brightly colored heroes performing acrobatics and a lot theatrics fighting rubber suit monsters but they look much cooler now in the year 2016. This week I take a look at the Super Sentai series, the franchise that was the basis for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers which was quite popular in the 90's.

This selection features old and new endings, showing that nothing much has changed in almost four decades. Enjoy!

Is there a Super Sentai or Power Ranger show that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!


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The History of Splatoon - A Brief History
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 09:35 AM
By The Game Theorists from The Game Theory:

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The NSA's Delightfully D&D-inspired Guide To the Internet
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 08:43 AM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's 10-sided-dice department:
"The NSA has a well-earned reputation for being one of the tougher agencies to get records out of, making those rare FOIA wins all the sweeter..." according to Muckrock.com, and "the fact that the records in question just so happen to be absolutely insane are just icing on the cake...." v3rgEz writes: In 2007, two NSA employees put together "Untangling the Web," the agency's official guide to scouring the World Wide Web. The 651-page guide cites Borges, Freud, and Ovid -- and that's just in the preface. MuckRock obtained a copy of the guide under an NSA Freedom of Information request, and has a write up of all the guide's amazing best parts. They're calling it "the weirdest thing you'll read today".

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62% Americans Get News On Social Media
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 08:42 AM
By manishs from Slashdot's where-you-get-your-news department:
More people in the United States are now turning to social media instead of traditional media for news. According to Pew Research Center, which surveyed over 4,500 people with various backgrounds, an increasingly number of Americans -- 62% to be exact -- are getting their news from social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram. Of the 62% people, 66% of them get their news from Facebook, 23% from Instagram, 21% from YouTube, and 19% from LinkedIn. From a Huffington Post article: It's easy to believe you're getting diverse perspectives when you see stories on Facebook. You're connected not just to many of your friends, but also to friends of friends, interesting celebrities and publications you "like." But Facebook shows you what it thinks you'll be interested in. The social network pays attention to what you interact with, what your friends share and comment on, and overall reactions to a piece of content, lumping all of these factors into an algorithm that serves you items you're likely to engage with. It's a simple matter of business: Facebook wants you coming back, so it wants to show you things you'll enjoy.

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Department of Homeland Security Still Uses COBOL
Posted by News Fetcher on May 28 '16 at 07:11 AM
By EditorDavid from Slashdot's Common-Business-Oriented-Languages department:
The Department of Defense has promised to finally stop managing the U.S. nuclear arsenal with floppy disks "by the end of 2017". But an anonymous reader shares Softpedia's report about another startling revelation this week from the Government Accountability Office: Another agency that plans to upgrade is the US Department of Veterans Affairs, which uses COBOL, a programming language from the '50s to manage a system for employee time and attendance. Unfortunately for the VA, there were funds only to upgrade that COBOL system, because the agency still uses the antiquated programming language to run another system that tracks claims filed by veterans for benefits, eligibility, and dates of death. This latter system won't be updated this year. Another serious COBOL user is the Department of Homeland Security, who employs it to track hiring operations, alongside a 2008 IBM z10 mainframe and a Web component that uses a Windows 2012 server running Java.
Personnel files are serious business. A 2015 leak of the secret service's confidential personnel files for a Utah Congressman (who was leading a probe into high-profile security breaches and other missteps) led the Department of Homeland Security to discipline 41 secret service agents.

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