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Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC To Apple Pay Only
Posted by News Fetcher on September 18 '14 at 01:01 AM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's pay-our-way department:
Ronin Developer writes From the Cnet article: "At last week's Apple event, the company announced Apple Pay — a new mobile payments service that utilizes NFC technology in conjunction with its Touch ID fingerprint scanner for secure payments that can be made from the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch. Apple also announced a number of retailers that would accept Apple Pay for mobile payments at launch. However, Cult of Mac reports that NFC will be locked to the Apple Pay platform, meaning the technology will not be available for other uses. An Apple spokesperson confirmed the lock down of the technology, saying developers would be restricted from utilizing its NFC chip functionality for at least a year. Apple declined to comment on whether NFC capability would remain off limits beyond that period." So, it would appear, for at least a year, that Apple doesn't want competing mobile payment options to be available on the newly released iPhone 6 and 6+. While it's understandable that they want to promote their payment scheme and achieve a critical mass for Apple Pay, it's a strategy that may very well backfire as other other mobile payment vendors gain strength on competing platforms.

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The horrors of Shovel-ware
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 11:15 PM
From The Trenches:
Spare a thought for the poor developers at a company that produces crap at an alarming rate. Shovel-ware if you will.

Often the company is own by a single man who has final say on everything. We are trying to make the best game we can with the constraints of a power mad dictator throwing tantrums day after day because people aren’t buying his crap games.

The hours are no less grueling.

The verbal abuse no less cruel.

The withheld pay while we wait for publishers to pay. (The boss is still driving his fancy Mercedes of course while you are using credit cards to pay rent)

Then when we get it all done and ship a game we can’t point to it on a shelf and be proud.

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Guest Art: Maki Naro
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 11:15 PM
TGS 2014: Oneechanbara wins the TGS booth wars
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 11:15 PM
By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:
D3 Publisher are promoting their new game, Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos, and for that they built a booth at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Destructoid founder Niero took a picture of that booth, and you can check out the whole thing below. I wouldn't advise doing so if you're at work, though.

I shall say no more, for words aren't needed now. We may never need them again.


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By samzenpus from Slashdot's greased-lightning department:
concertina226 writes Scientists from three international universities have succeeded in twisting radio beams in order to transfer data at the speed of 32 gigabits per second, which is 30 times faster than 4G LTE wireless technology in use today. The researchers, led by Alan Willner, an electrical engineering professor with the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, successfully demonstrated data transmission rates of 32 gigabits per second across 2.5m of free space in a basement laboratory.

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Transformers: Legends Game Event - Only Human
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 09:01 PM
By SilverOptimus from TFW2005:
Transformers: Legends event Only Human is now live.

Event Synopsis:
RODIMUS, ULTRA MAGNUS, SPRINGER and ARCEE foil VICTOR DRATH’S attempt to steal the powerful, but volatile, Newtronium. DRATH, fed up with their constant interference, calls on the mercenary OLD SNAKE for help.

VICTOR DRATH lures the AUTOBOTS into a trap, and using OLD SNAKE’S technology, transfers their minds into the bodies of synthoids. OLD SNAKE convinces DRATH to use the now-mindless AUTOBOTS as weapons, by outfitting them with controls.

Meanwhile, as the RODIMUS and his friends get used to their new bodies, they learn that DRATH and OLD SNAKE are going to use their bodies to blow up AUTOBOT CITY. It is now a race against time, as the now-human AUTOBOTS try to warn the city and stop VICTOR DRATH’S forces.

Will the AUTOBOTS reclaim their bodies, or will they be trapped in them forever? Will OLD SNAKE be able to help VICTOR DRATH destroy AUTOBOT CITY and claim his revenge? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ONLY HUMAN”!

Also, we want to wish a Happy 30th Birthday to Transformers!

Note: A bug has been identified where the stats of this event's EVO cards are underpowered. Mobage/DeNA is working on a fix.

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TGS 2014: So this is Final Fantasy XV
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 07:00 PM
By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:

Well, it took 'em long enough - the better part of a decade - but it looks like ordinary players might actually see Final Fantasy XV in playable form before the heat death of the universe. And it might even be fun!

Alongside the spiffy new trailer above, Square Enix has announced that a playable demo of their long-gestating new baby will be included with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which is scheduled for release in March of 2015.

They've also announced that Hajime Tabata, director of Type-0, would be taking over Final Fantasy XV's helm from Tetsuya Nomura. Given that Type-0 seemed to be well-regarded in Japan, and was one of the few pieces of the ill-fated Final Fantasy XIII mega-project to come in on time, he might be the guy to "get 'er done" for the latest Final Fantasy.

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Tinba Trojan Targets Major US Banks
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 06:30 PM
By samzenpus from Slashdot's protect-ya-neck department:
An anonymous reader writes Tinba, the tiny (20 KB) banking malware with man-in-the-browser and network traffic sniffing capabilities, is back. After initially being made to target users of a small number of banks, that list has been amplified and now includes 26 financial institutions mostly in the US and Canada, but some in Australia and Europe as well. Tinba has been modified over the years, in an attempt to bypass new security protections set up by banks, and its source code has been leaked on underground forums a few months ago. In this new campaign, the Trojan gets delivered to users via the Rig exploit kit, which uses Flash and Silverlight exploits. The victims get saddled with the malware when they unknowingly visit a website hosting the exploit kit."

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By Salvador GRodiles from Japanator:

With two more episodes left until Gaim ends, a new trailer for Kamen Rider Drive has entered the fast lane. Surprisingly, I've come to terms with the show's title, since it occurred to me that Knight Rider's main character doesn't use a motorbike. Seeing that Drive shares some similarities with the classic '80s TV series, it's obvious that the show's staff wanted to use the "Rider" term in the same manner.

Anyway, we get a better look at the Roimyudo and the professional hitman known as Chase in the show's latest trailer. Based on the clues present in the new evidence, Drive will likely have a comedic and serious tone, with the latter focusing on the Roimyudo-related cases. Either way, I'm cool with Drive's balance between its focus, since it continues to give off a Kamen Rider W vibe. Also, I predict that Shinnosuke's tie antics'll be a fun running gag when the show premieres on Oct. 5.

[via Orends: Range]

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's help-me-please department:
An anonymous reader writes I use email to communicate with my folks overseas. Their ISP only allows dial-up access to their email account (there is no option of changing ISP), that can receive messages no larger than 1MB nor hold more than 15MB (no hope of changing that either). They are computer-illiterate, click on everything they receive, and take delight on sending their information to any Nigerian prince that contacts them, "just in case this one is true". Needless to say, their PC is always full of viruses and spyware. In my next yearly visit, instead of just cleaning it up, I'd like to gift them with some "hardened" PC to use for email only that would hopefully last the year before someone has to fix it. So far, these are the things I have in mind:

Some kind of linux distro, or maybe even mac. Most viruses over there are windows only and propagate via Autorun.inf or by email attachments, not having Windows could prevent both.

Some desktop environment that hides anything unrelated to connecting to the net and accessing their account (dial-up software, email client, web browser, exchanging files between their hard disk/email attachments and USB drives). By "hide", I just want the rest to be out of the way, but not entirely removed, so that if necessary, I can guide them over the phone. For this, Ubuntu's Unity seems like a particularly bad solution, but a Gnome desktop with non-removable desktop shortcuts (is this possible?) for the file manager, browser, email client and dial-up program could work. An android system is unlikely to work (they have no wifi, and they were utterly confused with Android's UI).

< article continued at Slashdot >

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's paying-the-price department:
An anonymous reader writes Airbnb announced that it will begin collecting a 14% occupancy tax on behalf of its San Francisco hosts October 1. "This is the culmination of a long process that began earlier this year when we announced our intent to help collect and remit occupancy taxes in San Francisco," wrote Airbnb public policy leader David Owen. The company already collects taxes in Portland, and has discussed the possibility of collecting taxes in New York.

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's working-together department:
An anonymous reader writes During an event at the National Press Club, Bezos announced an agreement with Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance, the joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, to continue development of a new rocket engine for ULA's Atlas and Delta rocket lines. From the article: "Called BE-4, the engine has been in the works at Blue Origin for three years and is currently in testing at the company's West Texas facilities. ULA, founded in 2006, has supplied rockets to the US Department of Defense and NASA and will now co-fund the BE-4 project to accelerate its completion. The agreement is for a four-year development process with testing slated for 2016 and flight in 2019."

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Are Matt's Robot Hexapods Creepy or Cute? (Video)
Posted by News Fetcher on September 17 '14 at 02:15 PM
By Roblimo from Slashdot's you-put-your-right-foot-in-you-put-your-right-foot-out-you-pick-up-a-human-and-shake-it-all-about department:
University of Arizona grad student Matt Bunting doesn't come across as a mad scientist. That's a very good thing, because his robot hexapod creations are easy to imagine crawling across the USA in large hordes, devouring everything in their path and using all the electricity they come across to feed their Queen Hexapod, a 3-D printer mounted on a hexapod chassis that turns everything fed to it into more robots. Luckily, the real life Matt is an affable (self-described) "Roboticist, Electrical Engineer, Musician, and Rock Crawler" who freely admits that at this time his robotic creations have no practical application whatsoever. This is probably true, except for the fact that they can liven up a music video like mad, as you can see on YouTube in Pedals Music Video (featuring REAL robots) . Our little video is a lot simpler, of course. In it, we interview Matt and he tells us what he's up to with his robots, and gives some
'how to get started with robotics' advice for budding young engineers. (Alternate Video Link)

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By Tony_Bacala from TFW2005:
Deadline is reporting that The Hub, a joint venture with Discovery Networks and Hasbro, is no more. The channel will be re-branded in "Discovery: XYZ" fashion, most likely Discovery Family. They will also be taking a larger stake of the channel by acquiring Hasbro shares. Hasbro will retain some interest and continue to provide programming from 9 AM - 3 PM, so we should still see Transformers and other programming on the station. Whether or not they will also get prime time slots for first run episodes, not mentioned here. Check the full details over at Deadline and discuss on the forums!

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By samzenpus from Slashdot's passing-on-the-savings-and-the-misery department:
itwbennett (1594911) writes "The use of forced labor is so prevalent in the Malaysian electronics manufacturing industry that there is hardly a major brand name that isn't touched by the illegal practice, according to a report funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and undertaken by Verité, a nonprofit organization focused on labor issues. The two-year study surveyed more than 500 migrant workers at around 200 companies in Malaysia's IT manufacturing sector and found one in three were working under conditions of forced labor."

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