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By Soulskill from Slashdot's cache-money department:
An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla today officially launched Firefox 32 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Additions include a new HTTP cache for improved performance, public key pinning support, and easy language switching on Android. The Android version is trickling out slowly on Google Play. Changelogs are here: desktop and mobile.

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You Got Your Windows In My Linux
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 02:45 PM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's entirely-uncontroversial-opinions department:
snydeq writes: Ultimately, the schism over systemd could lead to a separation of desktop and server distros, or Linux server admins moving to FreeBSD, writes Deep End's Paul Venezia. "Although there are those who think the systemd debate has been decided in favor of systemd, the exceedingly loud protests on message boards, forums, and the posts I wrote over the past two weeks would indicate otherwise. I've seen many declarations of victory for systemd, now that Red Hat has forced it into the enterprise with the release of RHEL 7. I don't think it's that easy. ... Go ahead, kids, spackle over all of that unsightly runlevel stuff. Paint over init and cron, pam and login. Put all of that into PID1 along with dbus. Make it all pretty and whisper sweet nothings about how it's all taken care of and you won't have to read a manual or learn any silly command-line stuff. Tune your distribution for desktop workloads. Go reinvent Windows."

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By Soulskill from Slashdot's in-case-you-were-feeling-optimistic-today department:
cold fjord writes Russian President has issued a stark indication of Russia's military capabilities: "I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words." According to, "It's the first time in more than 25 years that Moscow has raised the spectre of nuclear war. The difference this time is that its tanks are already pouring over its western borders." To put numbers behind that, "Russia has moved 4,000 to 5,000 military personnel — a figure far higher than one U.S. official's earlier claim of 1,000 troops. The soldiers are aligned in 'formed units' and fighting around Luhansk and Donetsk.... And they may soon have company: Some 20,000 troops are on border and 'more may be on the way.'" On top of that, the Ukraine Defence Minister claims Russia has made threats that they're prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons to stop further resistance.

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Banks Report Credit Card Breach At Home Depot
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 01:15 PM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's another-day-another-breach department:
criticalmass24 sends news that multiple banks are indicating Home Depot stores are the source of a new batch of stolen credit cards and debit cards that hit the black market today. "There are signs that the perpetrators of this apparent breach may be the same group of Russian and Ukrainian hackers responsible for the data breaches at Target, Sally Beauty and P.F. Chang’s, among others. The banks contacted by this reporter all purchased their customers’ cards from the same underground store – rescator[dot]cc — which on Sept. 2 moved two massive new batches of stolen cards onto the market." Home Depot is aware of the situation, and says they're investigating. The banks say this breach may have begun as early as April or May of this year and may extend to all 2,200 of Home Depot's U.S. stores.

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By StayingInTheBox from TFW2005:
Our sister site has just reported the first sighting of the Generations Leader Class Jetfire! Jetfire was spotted at a local Target in Sainte-DorothĐše (Laval), Quebec. Keep an eye on the Canadian Transformers Sightings Forum to help fellow collectors out in your local area.

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By Roblimo from Slashdot's broadcasting-to-everyone-on-land-and-to-all-the-ships-at-sea department:
David Klann works with Driftless Radio, call letters WDRT, in Wisconsin. This is community radio, with no huge advertisers or morning shock jocks with names like Bobba the Fet Sponge. They use open source software for just about everything except accounting, and that includes processing their audio for both OTA (Over the Air) and online streaming. Their transmitter runs a "stripped down" version of Debian, and David is proud that they had 3 1/2 years of uptime -- that only ended when David did a kernel upgrade that forced a reboot. (Alternate Video Link)

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New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 11:45 AM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's until-it's-used-for-ads department:
nerdyalien writes: At some point, haven't all web developers spent an unjustifiable number of hours trying to optimize a desktop site for mobile devices? Responsive web design provides a solution: "develop once, works in every device." However, still it downloads multi-MB images and re-sizes them based on device screen resolution. Retrieving optimized images from the server, based on device (desktop, tablet, phone) and the device's internet connection (fiber, broadband, mobile), has always been an open problem. Recently, a number of freelance developers are tackling this with a new HTML element, <tt></tt>, which informs the web browser to download optimized images from the server. The tag will be featured in Chrome and Firefox later this year. Will this finally deliver us faster web browsing on mobile devices and an easier web development experience?

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Loyal Subjects Wave 3 Trailbreaker
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 11:30 AM
By Jacer from TFW2005:
The Loyal Subjects posted an excited new review for the upcoming wave of vinyl figures, this time being Trailbreaker. Trailbreaker joins wave 3 along side Scrapper, Swoop, and Blitzwing. It also appears that wave 3 loses the action figure posing that was a part of wave 2.

Share your thoughts in the discussion after the jump.

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By Sol Fury from TFW2005:
Ever wondered how the sound effects and voices of Transformers toys with voice and sound gimmicks are created? Well, wonder no more, as Wes McCraw has uploaded an insightful behind-the-scenes video giving a glimpse into the process of recording voices for eight talking Transformers Age of Extinction toys - check it out embedded below.

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By Soulskill from Slashdot's system-and-method-for-not-quite-slipping-the-surly-bonds-of-earth department:
speedplane writes: Last week, Elon Musk's SpaceX fired two challenges (PDFs) at Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin over U.S. Patent 8,678,321, entitled "Sea landing of space launch vehicles and associated systems and methods." The patent appears to cover a method of landing a rocket on a floating platform at sea. In their papers, SpaceX says that "by 2009, the earliest possibly priority date listed on the face of the patent, the basic concepts of 'rocket science' were well known and widely understood. The "rocket science" claimed in the '321 patent was, at best, 'old hat[.]'" Blue Origin has approximately three months to file a preliminary response to the challenge. You can review the litigation documents here and here. (Disclosure: I run the website hosting several of the above documents.)

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NATO Set To Ratify Joint Defense For Cyberattacks
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 10:30 AM
By Soulskill from Slashdot's state-sponsored-script-kiddies department:
An anonymous reader writes: At the upcoming NATO meeting, according to the NY Times, the 28 member states are expected to ratify "a far-reaching change in the organization's mission of collective defense: For the first time, a cyberattack on any of the 28 NATO nations could be declared an attack on all of them, much like a ground invasion or an airborne bombing." A former NATO ambassador describes NATO's technological capability as "pretty basic" and suggests any counter-cyberattacks would likely be lodged by member states (meaning the U.S. and maybe Britain). He opines, "It's a measure of how far we've come on this issue that there's now a consensus that a cyberattack could be as devastating as any other kind of attack, maybe even more so." Helpfully, the agreement avoids defining what sort of "cyberattack" would warrant an armed response. The Times describes the agreement as "deliberately unclear."

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By StayingInTheBox from TFW2005:
Independent group Ark Studio has revealed their latest projects on their Weibo account, which will be two add on kits for the recently released Generations Legends Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime. The first add on kit for Optimus Prime will include his familiar trailer, which will open up to reveal the repair station/battle drone, and also include the Matrix of Leadership and assorted weapons which can attach to Roller.

Also included in the update is a Motormaster conversion kit for Nemesis Prime, which will include a new head and lower half (also included in the Optimus Prime kit) as well as weapon accessories.

No release date or preorder information yet, but we'll keep you updated as always. For now, sound off with the discussion link below!

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Ask Slashdot: the State of Free Video Editing Tools?
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 09:45 AM
By timothy from Slashdot's what-are-you-happy-with? department:
New submitter Shadow99_1 writes I used to do a lot of video editing (a few years ago, at an earlier job) and at that time I used Adobe Premiere. Now a few years later I'm looking to start doing some video editing for my own personal use, but I have a limited budget that pretty well excludes even thinking about buying a copy of Adobe Premiere. So I ask slashdot: What is the state of free (as in beer or as in open source) video editing tools? In my case... I support a windows environment at work and so it's primarily what I use at home. I am also using a camcorder that uses flash cards to record onto, so for me I need a platform that supports reading flash cards. So that is my focus but feel free to discuss video editing on all platforms.

< article continued at Slashdot >

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Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 09:00 AM
By timothy from Slashdot's nicht-so-ueber-alles department:
An anonymous reader writes Following the blocking of Uber in Berlin, DE, the district court of Frankfurt/Main has issued a restraining order for Uber services all over Germany (German original). The district court is alleging "uncompetitive behavior" (Unlauteres Wettbewerbsverhalten) on Uber's part, and has proclaimed that not following the restraining order will result in a fine of €250.000 or imprisonment. This ruling is related to the German "Personenbeförderungsgesetz" and is outlining that no legal entity (person, enterprise) is allowed to transfer passengers without having passed the relevant tests and having the appropriate insurance coverage.

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Here's everything you wanted from Sony's TGS presser
Posted by News Fetcher on September 02 '14 at 09:00 AM
By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:

It wasn't all about a fifth Persona game, y'know! Quite a bit happened when Sony took the stage just before the Tokyo Game Show opened this year, to barrage our faces with sweet trailers for games known and new, as well as the first love for the PS Vita to happen since...well, the last TGS show, pretty much.

There's a lot to process in this epic two-hour archive, but anyone looking forward to the latest from Bloodborne, Yakuza 0, Gundam, Senran Kagura, and more, should tune in for a little bit.

And of course, the most shocking revelation was also dropped during the presser: DYNAMIC THEMES FOR THE PS4 AND VITA! Coming to a firmware update near you!

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