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Z-R0E: Large flux of old-but-been-broken news stories coming through.
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Masterpiece Ramjet Preorders Now Live!
Posted by News Fetcher on November 30 '15 at 02:45 PM
By from TFW2005:
<img width="600" height="450" src="" />

Good news for fans of Decepticon Masterpiece figures! In what looks like the fifth scheduled release from Takara for 2016, Masterpiece Ramjet preorders are now going up for preorder. This is also hopefully the first of a trio! Dirge and Thrust can’t be far behind now hopefully! Ramjet will run you roughly $180.00 and is due for release in late March 2016. You can lock in your preorders at our sponsors below: BBTS TFsource TheChosenPrime

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News - Cyber Monday, Quote Unquote
Posted by News Fetcher on November 30 '15 at 02:45 PM
By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
We launched a whole bunch of new stuff on Thursday. Pins, tees, hoodies, etc. I believe I made a decree to that effect.

But we already HAD a bunch of delicious stuff on the store. And I don’t want to you to forget about those. So… Cyber Monday!

The full First Party line, our fanciest stuff, is on sale for 30% off. It’s worth noting that this is your last chance to get the First Party notebook in its current iteration.

Also, we slowly released a full line of new mug designs this year. They’re all available now and are all 25% off.

There’s also some scarfs that are 50% off and the PAX Poster set - a travelogue, really - available for under $20.

All of these supreme deals will go away at midnight PST tonight. Hashtag Cyber Monday, etc.


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News - Littler
Posted by News Fetcher on November 30 '15 at 11:30 AM
By Tycho from Penny Arcade:
He has different problems at his house than I do. It’s funny, if you let it be. It is hard to. But you can see, with your physical eyes, the moment a person learns that what they say doesn’t have to be connected with real events.
They’ll lie about any Goddamn thing. They’ll lie about things you just saw them do! They’ll lie about previous lies. They’ll lie about lying about lying. And they don’t seem to understand a hundred percent that it’s happening, either. They seem just as surprised as anyone else that language has the power to describe unreal events. They’re still grappling with the idea of permanence. For example, teeth are permanent. Well, technically, only some teeth are, but yeah. And Ronia, I know you haven’t brushed your teeth because your mouth smells like ground beef.
Like some ground-ass, motherfuckin’ beef.

My son is “on the spectrum,” and there are a bunch of letters doctors have told us to use when describing him, but one of the things that isolates him from other people is that in order to live in our society (and maybe other societies, I dunno) you have to lie 24/7 just to get by. He has a hard time figuring out some of these nuances. People lie and call it being “nice” or “diplomatic” or some other little tiara we place on the good lies. There is also a class of behaviors which are not lies exactly, but abrogations of self, though it still feels like lying. People smell gross and you can’t notice. People are wrong about, you know, Ambystoma Mexicanum sometimes and you must make peace.

< article continued at Penny Arcade >

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By from TFW2005:
<img width="600" height="389" src="" />

FansToys is definitely staying busy these days. With some of their other projects nearing completion, they have turned their attention back towards their first attempt at a car-bot, Masterpiece-styled FT-15 Willis (designed after Generation 1 Hound). FansToys has released the first colored test shots of Willis via their weibo page and it looks like they have gone for a more toy-accurate deco. Willis sports a glossy camo green paint job similar to the G1 toy, but also has many of the cartoon-aesthetics that many collectors have come to expect in their Masterpiece-styled figures. The figure comes choc full of weaponry, which includes both the cartoon-accurate rifle as well as the toy-accurate » Continue Reading.

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Fire Ants
Posted by News Fetcher on November 30 '15 at 02:15 AM
From XKCD:

Here in the entomology department, we have a simple two-step formula for answering any question: (1) ants are cool, and (2) we forgot the question because we were thinking about ants.

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PATV - First 15 – Volume
Posted by News Fetcher on November 30 '15 at 12:15 AM
More Skylynx In-Hand Images
Posted by News Fetcher on November 29 '15 at 11:45 PM
By from TFW2005:
<img width="600" height="450" src="" />

A little treat for you tonight as we have even more in-hand shots of Combiner Wars Skylynx. Courtesy of the weibo user who provided the last couple sets of in-hand pics, we get a look at Skylynx’s alt mode, “robot” mode, his underside, and his tail. These shots also show off a bit of his articulation and various places to store his weapons in both modes. No release dates or listings yet, but hopefully these awesome pics will hold you over til after the Combaticons have come and gone so be sure to check out the pics after the » Continue Reading.

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The 2016 HTPC Build
Posted by News Fetcher on November 29 '15 at 11:00 PM
From Coding Horror:
I've loved many computers in my life, but my HTPC has always had a special place in my heart. It's the only always-on workhorse computer in our house, it is utterly silent, totally reliable, sips power, and it's at the center of our home entertainment, networking, storage, and gaming. This

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GCreations Wrath Final Product Images
Posted by News Fetcher on November 29 '15 at 07:15 PM
By from TFW2005:
<img width="451" height="600" src="" />

More third party news comes to us tonight from GCreations as we get a look at their newly released Wrath, who is a classics-style Grimlock with the ability to combine with the other four Dinobots to form Shura King. Wrath is the third release of the Shura King members, following Thunderous (Sludge) and GCreations’s take on Snarl, who form the legs. He comes with his iconic Energo-sword and his double-barrel rifle and, as is the norm with combiner torsos, stands a head or two taller than his chrome clad comrades. If he were a bit taller even, he would make a good MP » Continue Reading.

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New G1 Box Art Canvas Print Found
Posted by News Fetcher on November 29 '15 at 06:30 PM
By from TFW2005:
<img width="450" height="600" src="" />

Do you like art? Enjoy G1 boxes, but shy away from AFA collecting? Does your collection room feature many toys, but few wall decorations? If the answer to these questions was “yes”, you may be in luck! TFW member Rookbartley reported finding a G1 box art inspired canvas print at retailer Hobby Lobby earlier today. This print features a nice selection of the artwork that was featured on the back of Generation 1 boxes and is available for $20. Also available is a smaller metal piece of wall art featuring G1 Bumblebee as drawn by Guido Guidi for IDW.    

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By from TFW2005:
<img width="360" height="600" src="" />

From the Facebook page of TF Upgrader, we have a  couple new images of an upcoming project by third party newcomer 80’s Dream. Their first figure will be a non-transforming, voyager-sized take on Transformers Universe Megatron and will feature diecast parts! The figure is also a model kit with parts that seem to peg onto a skeleton as we saw a while back with the resin prototypes, hence his lack of transformation. Although the Transformers Universe game was cancelled some time ago, it had an incredible number of character concepts and designs that blended G1, Prime, and a little bit of » Continue Reading.

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By Salvador GRodiles from Japanator:
[Disclosure: Jayson and Dale wrote for Japanator. No relationships, personal, or professional, were factored into this news post.]

If there's one thing that's annoying about this time of the year, it's that we have to deal with crowds of people rushing to get the latest deals. That being said, you gotta give props to the folks who decide to host these special offers online, since it helps people get their stuff without facing any inconveniences.

Speaking of which, the gang at Scarlet Moon Records, a group that publishes original and arranged video game soundtracks, are having a sale on their digital soundtracks that's currently going on until Nov. 30 (a.k.a. Cyber Monday). The best part is that they're offering people the "name your price" option, which lets them get each track at the price that they desire. Among these deals are Dragon Fantasy Book II and Silent Horror Soundtrack by Dale North the Corgi King, which are perfect for anyone who loves JRPGs and/or Silent Hill.

All in all, this is practically a deal that's hard to miss out on. This is thanks to the group's decision to not have a minimum price for each digital track. If you interested in checking out their offerings, you can head to Scarlet Moon Record's Bandcamp page.

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By Josh Tolentino from Japanator:
Metal Gear's never been shy about having an anti-nuclear message (despite arguably glorifying most other types of military violence), but for the most part, the series has put making the world a nuke-free place out of the hands of players. Not so in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In that game players can choose to develop their own nukes to defend themselves against invasions by hostile players. Conversely, they can also steal each others' nukes, or disarm them in a bid for peace (or to earn an achievement).

Now Konami's challenging its playerbase to do the right thing with its "Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event". As the rules go, each regional server for Metal Gear Solid V will measure the total amount of nuclear weapons in circulation for each platform. When the count hits zero, a "special event" will trigger once players return to Mother Base.

It's a hefty challenge, considering the many advantages having costly nuclear weapons can have for a player of means in MGSV, but based on the latest figures Konami has put out, fans are up to the task. Since November 1st, nuclear weapon stockpiles have dropped dramatically all platforms. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One are in the lead, with the lowest number of nukes left as of November 27th, and all four console platforms report disarmament rates of between 80% and 95%.

PC players are lagging behind, with just 65% of nukes disarmed. That's understandable, since the PC had by far the largest stockpile, over thirteen times larger than the next largest one on the PS4. Perhaps gaming's most belligerent fanbase may have to work hardest to make Paz's dreams come true.

Metal Gear Solid V Official Site [Konami]
Metal Gear Solid V Official Site [Konami]

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By Salvador GRodiles from Japanator:
Watch live video from Japanator on

Get ready, people! After weeks upon weeks of exploration and getting killed by traps, I'm finally close to uncovering La-Mulana's final mystery. Sure, I still need to beat one more guardian, but it seems that I'm close to fighting it, as I'm close to fulfilling the requirements to start the battle.

If everything goes according to plan, I might also get to start the ritual that'll let me open the path the game's final boss. Seeing that I manage to get some of the items during my aimless exploration, there's a good chance that I'll finish La-Mulana tonight.

On that note, the semifinal/last adventure will begin at 9:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. To celebrate this occasion, I plan to have a bowl of curry during my playthrough. That way, I can taste true victory.

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By Soul Tsukino from Japanator:
Hello, Japanator readers! It's time for us to take a look at the next three episodes of the chibified adventures of the Attack on Titan gang. What adventures and junior high troubles will Eren and the gang face this time around? Let's find out!


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