I'm Zero Liddell
aka Z-R0E, aka The Z-g0d, aka g0d-Z-ra, aka ゼロ, aka Z-sama, aka IhavetoomanynicknameswithaZ. I build websites, attend convention, collect a lot of toys, and have too many hobbies. I also have Cystic Fibrosis and have had a lung transplant.

I was born & raised in San Diego, California, and live there still. I also spent quite some time living in San Jose. I've been with my wife, Cat, since 2013. She too has Cystic Fibrosis and a double-lung transplant, and it was through our care team that we met. We're practically inseparable, and to invite one of us is to invite the other.

I spent much of my formative years watching anime, though it was usually called "japanime" back then. I'd scour every Blockbuster & Hollywood Video store within a twenty-mile radius renting every anime they had, which then were either in the Foreign Film section or the Animation section intended for kids. I wonder how many parents rented Ninja Scroll, not thinking any thing of the movie as it was next to Little Mermaid.

Professionally I'm a web developer, and I also manage web servers. When I'm not programming for work I'm often doing it for fun. I'm completely self-taught and have more than 25 years experience.

Beyond programming, my main hobby is toy collecting, especially Transformers. My toy collection goes back until I was four years old, with a large Godzilla toy a friend gave me back then. For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed Transformers. The puzzle-play aspect of their toys a big part of that, but I've also enjoyed most of the fiction surrounding them.

I'm also the current lead on the Transformers TCG Continuation, a community-formed group that's continued the game years after it's official cancelation by Wizards of the Coast. I made Transformers.cards as a central hub for the game. In addition to player-facing features like deck building tools and tournament history, there's a lot of tools for our team of designers to use to make game development easier.

I also made Teletraan1.net, a site dedicated to the Transformers Deck-Builder Game by Renegade Game Studios. While not as deep as Transformers.cards, Teletraan1.net acts as a centralized location for the game's errata, card clarifications, and it includes an interactive setup guide to help people quikcly get the game ready for play.

Cat & I staff a number of conventions, and attend even more. theCATandROBOT.com is our site and it chronicles our convention adventures among other things. From running game show panels, to cosplay, to trips to the Zoo, a lot of things we do together we put on there.

news.atZinc.org is my one-stop place for checking all the sites I like to read. Yes, it'd be a lot easier to use a normal RSS reader, but not as fun.

I don't play a lot of games now days, but when I do it's usually StarCraft. Blizzard is what got me into PC gaming with Orcs & Humans. I took WoW seriously for nearly 10 years, but haven't played in quite some time now.

The best place to find me is the @Z Discord. I don't post to social media very much, but when I do it's usually to zeroliddell.bsky.social or Facebook. If you want to email me, it's just my name at gmail.com

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